RMH FAQsBase breaking is a quick option for keeping roots looking natural between highlights.

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During the summer months, I don’t have time to spend two plus hours in the salon getting my hair colored.  What are my options?


roots before final


Fortunately, we have a quick solution to help clients with regrowth.  If your hair color is between light brown and dark blonde, “breaking the base” can lift your roots one to two levels lighter than your natural color.  The color goes directly on your scalp and only sits for about 10 minutes.  It softens the stark contrast between your natural color and highlighted color, and doesn’t involve foils.  The process also leaves your hair shiny and conditioned.  (See the results for yourself in the photos on the right side of this page!)

roots after final


Your entire visit will take about 45 minutes including a blow dry, or only 20 minutes if you want to leave your hair wet and head straight to the pool.  It also is fairly inexpensive, costing $45 to $55.  If you are looking for a quick way to refresh your look until your next highlight appointment, contact Rick Mosley Hair today.


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