Dreaming of a Warm Weather Vacation this Winter?

Learn More About Aveda’s Reward Program – Pure Privilege

Several Rick Mosley Hair Customers Have Earned Trips Through the Program


pure privledgeIf you’re hooked on Aveda products as much as we are, we encourage you to look into Pure Privilege.  Members earn points for every Aveda product purchased.  Points can be redeemed for more products, salon services and even trips!


Many of our clients have signed up for Pure Privilege.  Each time they purchase Aveda products at Rick Mosley Hair, they earned points – 10 points for every $1 spent.  Many redeem these points for products or services, but several have decided to hold out for trips.


Believe it or not, spending a weekend in the Caribbean at no cost can be an amazing benefit of being a Pure Privilege member.  While many other programs brag about benefits that are nearly impossible to achieve, our clients are earning real-life rewards that they are redeeming for valuable prizes.


Consider signing up for Pure Privilege today.  All it takes is a one-time $10 enrollment feel to join.  Plus, you receive double points on your first purchase once you join and a special gift on your birthday.  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair to learn more.

Hot Summer Temperatures Bring Haircut Fever!

Many Rick Mosley Hair Clients are Loving the Updated “Shag” Look 


Many celebrities are sporting the shag look this summer.

Many celebrities are sporting the shag look this summer.

Inspired by the 70’s, this year’s hottest hair cut trend is a modern take on the grown out shag.  As bob cuts grow out into lobs, and lobs grow out to shoulder-length, layers can be added to create a shag look – which is now all the rage from Hollywood to the Midwest.


This effortless look features long and disconnected layers that frame the face.  Some versions have bangs – also known as fringe – while others do not.  And the great thing is a shag cut looks great on any length and with all hair types.


When it comes to styling, less is more.  The cut requires few products or styling tools.  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to discuss this look with your stylist.

Rick Mosley Hair Colorists Become Hair Artists

A New Line of Pulp Riot Colors Add a Pop of Fun to All Hair Types

Ever notice someone with a hint of blue or green in their hair?  Ever wonder what an accent color could do to your look?

This look features an all-over pink wash.

This look features an all-over pink wash.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we’re always staying on top of new trends and products, and one we’re most excited about is a new line of color from Pulp Riot.  For the past few months, we’ve been using these brighter and more vibrant colors on clients, both as accents and as all-over color.

These trendy fashion colors range from deep shades to pastels.  Even members of our Rick Mosley Hair team are trying them out.  For example, our receptionist Taylor just jumped on the bandwagon with an all-over pink color, while stylist Maria went with a green accent.

“This new line of color not only smells fantastic, we’re noticing it lasts much longer than previous products we’ve tried,” explains Rick Mosley Hair colorist Abbey Longstreet.  “Think of them as the colors you don’t find in nature.”

Or, go for a brighter spot color.

Or, go for a brighter spot color.

We’re seeing our Central Iowa clients becoming braver than ever when it comes to color trends.  Are you ready to take the leap?  We’re here to help.  Schedule an appointment today to discuss your best options with a professional at Rick Mosley Hair.



Make a New Year’s Resolution to Have Radiant Skin in 2017

TulesaraAveda’s new Tulasāra skincare line is here to help

Hair care expert Aveda is ready to change the skin care game with a new line called Tulasāra. The daily, two-step skin care ritual is inspired by Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India.

Step One:

Begin with dry skin. Use the Tulasāra Radiant Facial Dry Brush to gently exfoliate your face and neck using circular motions for about one minute. Dry brushing helps eliminate toxins and other skin impurities. Follow this with a self-massage to promote circulation and leave skin more radiant.

Step Two:

Massage Radiant Oleation Oil into your skin after using the dry brush to promote microcirculation. This 100% naturally derived blend of six plant oils helps nourish and restore your skin’s radiance. The best thing is that it works for all skin types!

The Tulasāra line works both immediately and over time. In sensory testing, 85 percent of women found their skin looked more radiant immediately and 94 percent reported their skin felt smooth, refined and nourished right away.

Several members of our Rick Mosley Hair team, as well as many clients, are already seeing positive results of using these products and following the daily routine. For example, Karla has been a faithful user for more than three months. She especially enjoys winding down each day by using the soft dry brush.

Tulasāra means “moving toward balance” in Sanskrit. Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to learn how you can take these two simple daily steps to move toward better skin and balance in 2017.


Hot Aveda Products!

What is your stylist’s favorite product right now?

What is your favorite Aveda product right now?

What is your favorite Aveda product right now?

We all have favorite products. Some stand the test of time, while others are seasonal trends. Here’s what’s hot at Rick Mosley Hair this summer.


Bree Moore – Aveda Air Control Hair Spray

Another product that not only adds a finishing touch, but also can add grip. Bree even uses Air Control as a dry shampoo to prep her hair before styling. When used as a hair spray, it goes on dry and doesn’t leave your hair crunchy. Plus, like many other great Aveda products, Bree loves how it smells!


Tony Sadiq – Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay

Always at the top of Tony’s favorite products, Grooming Clay works well with fine hair, is not greasy and leaves a matte finish. No matter whether you are going for a sleek or messy look, Tony says Clay can help!


Abbey Longstreet – Aveda’s Dry Shampoo

Also a newer product, Abbey is stuck on Aveda’s newest Dry Shampoo. It smells good while applying but doesn’t leave your hair with an overwhelming smell all day. The product gives some grip and has a cool applicator. Plus, it helps you go longer between washings, which prolongs the life of your color.


What’s your favorite Aveda product and why? Let us know today!

Dusty Rhode Visits Rick Mosley Hair to Teach the Latest in Cutting

RMH is dedicated to continuing education for its team members

Dusty Rhode teaches a cutting class at Rick Mosley Hair

Dusty Rhode teaches a cutting class at Rick Mosley Hair

One of the most successful and influential hairdressers of our times, Dusty Rhode, visited Rick Mosley Hair last month to share cutting tips with our team.  We were thrilled to welcome this passionate professional to West Des Moines to spend one day teaching the latest in men’s haircut trends and another day focused on women’s styles.

Dusty has trained at the Vidal Sassoon and American Crew Academies and has worked behind the chair since graduating from the Aveda Institute in 1997.  He has written salon curriculum, helped develop new hair products and has been featured at national hair shows.  In fact, Tony appeared on stage with him at the 2013 Aveda Congress and was just asked to do so again at the Mid-America Show in October in Cincinnati.

The 2005 Men’s Stylist of the Year finalist now focuses on sharing his talent and passion to help grow other hair professionals.  During his men’s cutting class at Rick Mosley Hair, he focused on the basics of building hair shapes that work well with different face and head shapes.  Unlike a barber would do, Dusty shared with our team the importance of not cutting the hair too short or slimming the sides too much.  Instead, keep it disconnected and pompadour-like.

Stop in to Rick Mosley Hair today to discuss your hair options with one of our cutting specialists.  Our commitment to ongoing training and education is second-to-none, and you’ll notice it in the quality of hair cutting you receive from our salon professionals.

Click here to see our library of photos from our recent training event with Dusty.

Sumo Buns are All the Rage this Spring Among the Rick Mosley Hair Team

Kelsey showing off her sumo bun style

Kelsey showing off her sumo bun style

Top knot hair buns are all the rage in Hollywood.  But, you don’t have to go that far to see the latest fashion trend.  Leave it to your team of hair professionals at Rick Mosley Hair to sport the latest styles.

We’ve affectionately named it the “sumo bun” and if you stop by the salon any day of the week, you’re bound to find at least a handful of us with our hair bundled on the top of our heads in high buns.

So, which of us do you think wore it best?

Now it’s your turn!  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to show us your sumo bun or knot, and we can swap tips for the latest styles!


Many Rick Mosley Hair team  members have been wearing their hair this way!

Many Rick Mosley Hair team members have been wearing their hair this way!

Visit Rick Mosley Hair to Try Aveda Makeup

Photo courtesy of Aveda

Photo courtesy of Aveda

Indian Sunset Collection Available Now

You’ve tried our fabulous Aveda Hair Products, so now its time you get that springtime look with Aveda make up.  From sunrise to sunset, the new limited edition Indian Sunset pallet was inspired by the warm colors of a seamless sunset and the cool watercolor shades of dawn.

With spring weather upon us, use this new collection to create intense, shimmering eyes with the sultry shades of a sun dipping into the horizon, or brighten them with the pastel light of a sunrise.

Products include:

  • Nourish-mint Sheer Mineral Lip Color in “Sheer Clove”
  • Nourish-mint Smoothing Lip Color in “Pink Peppertree”
  • Nourish-mint Rehydrating Lip Glazes in “Cherry Nectar” and “Rose Dusk”
  • Petal Essence Single Eye Colors in “Desert Clay,” “Amethyst Dawn,” “Lilac Glow,” and “Peach Nectar”
  • Nourish-mint Lip Liner in “Spring Rose”
  • Petal Essence Eye Definers in “Violet Blossom” and “Sea Fern”

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with colorful makeup.  Learn how to apply the Peach Dusk and Amethyst Dawn looks with step-by-step online video instructions or stop by the salon and try these great new Aveda makeup products out for yourself.

2016 Hair Trend Report

Bold, Unconventional and Over-the-Top Hairstyles Will Hit the Runways

2016According to Behind the Chair, this season is all about celebrating individuality.  Stylists will be mixing textures, structures, shapes and eras to give each client his or her own personal look.

Bold cuts, such as cheekbone-length bobs, will take center stage, but wavy textures will make the look more modern.  Tapered sides with angles and long layers started to catch on over the past few months and we believe this trend will continue.  Longer hair will be pinned, braided and given that “wet hair” look.

Trendy pastel and gray coloring in 2015 will be set aside and more natural hair colors will prevail.  Platinum will continue to be hot through Spring and Summer, while the look will be a bit more natural and effortless than last season.  Some fashionistas also predict that glitter and gel will be used this year to revitalize roots between colorings – we’ll see if that trend hits Central Iowa.

Styles will be influenced by everything from Star Wars to London’s punk scene, and the color gold will take over in the New Year.  So whether your style is effortlessly chic or is inspired by the 90’s club scene, stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to discuss how our stylists can help you bring out your inner style.

Bring in photos or pin your favorite looks to your Instagram or Pinterest pages so you can show us a glimpse of what you’re going for.  We also carry a full line of Aveda hair products and make-up to help you complete your look.

Aveda’s New Shampure Dry Shampoo is Impressing Customers With Both Fine and Course Hair

Are you tired of washing your hair daily?  Does your hair quickly show oil?  Have you tried (and given up on) other dry shampoo options? 

Aveda's new dry shampoo is getting rave reviews by Rick Mosley Hair customers!

Aveda’s new dry shampoo is getting rave reviews by Rick Mosley Hair customers!

Improve your hair’s overall health while instantly reviving your look and senses with Aveda’s new dry shampoo.  Change up your routine by only washing your locks every two to three days, and using this great new product on the days in between.  It will not only save you time, but your hair will be healthier!

Shampure Dry Shampoo’s non-aerosol powder mist absorbs excess oil between washings.  You’ll also love how it smells and that it is 99.8% naturally derived (from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.)  And, it contains no talc or aerosol!  The product adds texture, goes on clean and doesn’t leave a residue.

To use, tip the bottle upside down. Return upright and turn the cap to expose the nozzle.  Lightly squeeze bottle to puff powder toward your roots.  Squeeze lightly until you see how much comes out with each puff, and then tip the bottle as needed to increase powder flow.  Massage the dry shampoo into your scalp and restyle as desired.

Tips for Use

  • Hold the base of the cap firmly in place with one hand and turn the top to expose the nozzle.
  • Make sure to close the cap when you’re finished to avoid spills.
  • Remember, a little goes a long ways.

Help extend a great blow dry, revive hair after a workout, refresh hair while traveling, or transform hair before a night out with Aveda’s new Shampure Dry Shampoo.  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to pick up a bottle.