Rick Mosley Hair Team Supports Major’s Army

Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to support Major's Army

Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to support Major’s Army

At Rick Mosley Hair, we consider our employees and customers part of our family.  When one of our family members is in need, we are proud to step up and help.  Most recently, we heard from former team member Jaci Strube (Levine) who worked here beginning in 2004 when she was a freshman in college.


Jaci married her husband Drew in 2010 and they welcomed their son Major Hudson into the world in July 2014.  Within 24 hours of his birth they knew something was wrong, as their son was having stomach problems and needed to be moved to the NICU.  There they diagnosed him with cystic fibrosis.


Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition that affects the lungs and digestive system.  We all have mucus in our lungs, but Major’s is much thicker.  This makes it easy for germs to get trapped there.  To combat this disease, Major does nebulizer treatments at least twice each day.  He also takes 12-14 pills per day to allow his body to absorb nutrition.


“Jaci is a member of our family,” said Rick Mosley.  “So upon hearing of her son’s situation, we immediately stepped up and asked how we could help.  The support we’ve received from customers and employees so far has been tremendous.  We are fortunate to work in such a caring environment.”


From now through Sept. 20, the salon is hosting a fundraiser to support research to help cure cystic fibrosis through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  We’re selling an Air Control/Phomollient duo for $33 and a Control Force duo for $35.  All proceeds from the sales of these duos will go directly to this important cause.  We’re also collecting cash donations.


Please consider stopping by the salon before Sept. 20 to help support Jaci, Drew and Major.

Rick Mosley Hair Wins Top Honors at Aveda Runway Event

The Rick Mosley Hair team took home top honors with the "Best Hair" award.  Photo courtesy of Christopher Maharry / Maharry Photography

Photo courtesy of Christopher Maharry / Maharry Photography

Our “Nature’s Rebellion” theme captured the judges’ hearts at the second-annual Catwalk for Water Show


Aveda and Rick Mosley Hair (RMH) have been committed to Earth Month and supporting clean water efforts for years.  This year was no different, except that we extended the effort into May!

On Sunday, May 3, RMH team members participated in Aveda Iowa Network’s second annual Trashion/Catwalk for Water Show, created to raise awareness of one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time – clean water.  The sold-out event raised nearly $25,000 for the Audubon Society, an organization working diligently to protect and preserve Iowa’s waterways.  Aveda salons from around Iowa shared their flare for art and fashion, as well as their commitment to fundraising.

We are proud of the RMH team for walking away with top honors in the “Best Hair” category of this green carpet event.  A special thanks to employees Kelsey Weier for being our model, Abbey Longstreet who styled her hair, Bree Moore who did her make-up, and Taylor Wheeler who provided moral support.  All of you went above and beyond, putting in extra hours to showcase your skills and creativity.

Our runway entry was themed, “Nature’s Rebellion – aka Jane Doe.”  To create our repurposed look, tree branches were wrapped in hair extensions and attached to a pair of headphones.  The outfit was constructed with old plaid shirts, lots of patches and a shotgun shell necklace.  Together, we created a look that celebrates beauty, fashion and Aveda’s mission to care for the world we live in.

Since 1999, Aveda has helped raise over $36 million for environmental causes, with more than $32 million going toward clean water projects at home and around the world.Be sure to congratulate your Rick Mosley Hair stylist the next time you are in the salon!

Be sure to congratulate your Rick Mosley Hair stylist the next time you are in the salon!

Who doesn’t want big, long lashes like the Kardashians?

Rick Mosley Hair now offers eyelash extensions

Choose a more dramatic look.  (Before photos on top.)

Choose a more dramatic look. (Before photos on top.)

Are you ready for that get-up-and-go look?  Many Rick Mosley Hair clients are going crazy about the new eyelash extension service now offered by Kelsey.  Just think of how easy it would be going through the holidays – especially if you have houseguests or are going to be traveling – without having to deal with eye makeup!

The Basics

On average, it takes about 2 ½ hours to have a full set of eyelashes applied.  Kelsey glues faux mink hair on to your individual lashes to create a look that lasts about six weeks and costs $175.  Like your hair, eyelashes shed so you need to have them maintained every three to four weeks.

Different sizes are available so you can customize your length to make them very natural looking or much more dramatic.  The extensions do not damage your lashes when they are applied correctly and are properly maintained.  They can even be removed if needed.  And, sensitive glue is an option for clients with concerns.

“I love that I look awake and lively without having to put on makeup with my eyelash extensions, and I get so many compliments,” said RMH client Michelle Parks.  “The application process is easy and painless so I can’t imagine not having them.”


Maintenance is easy.  Just try not to get them too wet.  If you do, a hairdryer can help blow them dry.  Also, use oil free makeup remover so the glue isn’t impacted.  Finally, be sure to run through them frequently with mascara brush.  Following these simple steps should help them last longer.

At RMH, we use Blink brand faux mink hair, which gives lashes a feathery look.  Customers like this product because they are lighter weight than other options.  Give us a call today to schedule a time to meet with Kelsey for a consultation.  We’re sure you’ll be a satisfied customer, as eyelash extensions will enhance your overall appearance!

Or, choose a more natural look.  (Before photos on top.)

Or, choose a more natural look. (Before photos on top.)

Every Month is Earth Month at Rick Mosley Hair

Proceeds from the Light the Way candle benefit clean water projects.

This time of year we go a step further in supporting clean water efforts

Aveda goes to exceptional lengths to be respectful of the Earth, and the company expects its professional network of 7,000 salons worldwide – like Rick Mosley Hair – to share this commitment.  Ever since Aveda was founded in 1978, all products have been harvested with respect for the Earth – so this time of year is especially important to us.

What does Aveda do to support Earth Month?

For the past six years, Aveda has produced a limited edition “Light the Way” soy candle and donated 100% of the proceeds to Global Greengrants to help clean water efforts around the globe.  The candle aroma for 2013 is made from a blend of certified organic vanilla, cinnamon and ylang-ylang.  These 100% certified organic ingredients are grown in Madagascar, where the company’s work has had an impact in a village called Ampasimanjeva.

The water infrastructure in Ampasimanjeva was in disrepair, leading to extremely limited access to water for villagers.  Aveda and Greengrants supported two water projects in Ampasimanjeva, the first of which was initiated in 2008 to repair a water tank, build a solar-powered pump and install three water taps within the village.  A second grant in 2010 expanded the number of water distribution points and drilled a second well, resulting in improved access to clean water for 4,000 people.

Children from a local school were asked to provide drawings for the 2013 candle artwork depicting what clean water means to them and how access to an improved water source has impacted their lives.  Together with Aveda and salons around the globe, we hope raise more than $1.5 million for this great cause in 2013, so be sure to pick up a Light the Way candle today at Rick Mosley Hair.

Win this great basket of Aveda products by entering our Earth Month raffle fundraiser!

How is Rick Mosley Hair making a difference in Iowa?

A second way we are going above and beyond this Spring is by partnering with 45 other Aveda salons in Central Iowa to raise $60,000 for our local Earth Month partner, the Iowa Audubon Society.  Any fundraising that the salons chose to do (beyond the candle sales) stays locally and is donated to Audubon, so we’ve put together a wonderful gift basket filled with Aveda products for you to win.  Raffle tickets can be purchased at our reception area for $5 each.

The Iowa Audubon Society works to make water cleaner in our state by saving wetlands, protecting rivers and restoring marshlands.  Wetlands are important because they prevent flooding by holding water like a sponge – this helps keep river levels normal and filters and purifies surface water.  Rivers and their floodplain forests also play an important part in the water cycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water.  Finally, shallow marshlands filter sediments and nutrients from the water before it enters open channels.

These are just a few of the ways your team at Rick Mosley Hair is committed to being a respectful member of our community and world.  How will you support Earth Month in 2013?  Donate online today!

Memories of the Floods of 1993 – 20 years later

Valley Junction Flooding

Valley Junction Flooding in 1993 (Photo courtesy of the Historic Valley Junction Foundation)

Saturday, July 10, 1993, is a day Rick Mosley will remember forever.  He was co-owner of a hair salon in West Des Moines’ oldest neighborhood, Valley Junction, where he prepared to watch water from record rainfall engulf his facility.  While some business owners would use this as an excuse to give up, it was a day that motivated Rick to take the leap to rebuild in Valley Junction by opening his own signature salon – Rick Mosley Hair.

The next 24 hours were a bit of a blur.  While Rick only missed one day of cutting hair, it wasn’t really a missed day of work.  Before the water started pouring in, he rented a U-Haul truck – possibly the last one left in town – and set off to play defense.

Rick spent the day loading every piece of equipment and furniture that wasn’t attached to the floor into the rental truck and relocating it to a space he rented from a friend just a few miles away.  In this temporary location, he set up shop with no running water, using 39-gallon containers and garden sprayers from Sam’s Club to rinse hair in order to keep his commitments to clients.

When the day finally concluded and Rick was exhausted and craving a hot shower, he arrived at home to find no running water.  A drive to Camp Dodge was his only option for cleaning up before returning to work the next morning, so he waited in line for nearly an hour for an ice-cold shower.

The next morning, he rented a canoe to assess the damage.  He didn’t let the National Guard, which was on post to prevent looting, come between him and his dreams.  He found a way around the barricades to discover knee-deep water, an abundance of sludge, destroyed windows, a stench in the air, and broken dreams.

Rebuilding the salon and preparing to launch Rick Mosley Hair took two full months.  The bottom four feet of drywall had to be replaced, as did all trim and doors.  It was a big undertaking, while running his business out of a remote location and continuing to focus on what was most important – serving his customers and training his staff.

This year marks 20 years since the flooding, and 20 years of Rick Mosley Hair.  Even though the past 10 years have been in our Anglo Building a bit further west, we remain thankful for Rick’s determination to rise up during times of despair.  While we can’t predict what our next 20 years will bring, we are appreciative of the support this community and our customers have provided as our business has grown, thrived, and innovated the way hair is done in Central Iowa.

Do you have stories from 1993 that you want to share?  If so, please comment below, post them on our Facebook page, or e-mail them to info@rickmosleyhair.com.

Rick Mosley Hair – A Cutting-Edge Salon with Deep Roots in Our Community

Your hair isn’t average so your salon shouldn’t be either

This photo was set up to look like the Shampoo movie poster with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in the mid to late 70’s – early in Rick’s career!

Have you ever wondered what happens each day behind the doors of Rick Mosley Hair? Maybe you drive by on your way home from work or see our storefront when picking up dinner at Dish. We understand that selecting a salon can be somewhat intimidating, so whether you have been a client for years or you are considering a change, let us (re)introduce you to our experienced (and fun!) team of professionals.

Rick Mosley first opened the doors to his namesake salon – Rick Mosley Hair – during the floods of 1993 in the heart of Valley Junction in West Des Moines.  Prior to that, he cut hair at several other big-name salons in town. Remember “GLC Haircutters,” the spaceship shaped “Headliners,” or “Phases Hair Salon”?

Since the beginning, Rick has devoted his time exclusively to excellence in the art of haircutting. His unique styling and business approaches have earned him a large and devoted client-base that keeps him on his toes. Two stylists – Karla, Rick’s good friend and Terri, Rick’s sister – began working at Rick’s side from the very start. Together, they make up the core team that has been making our clients look good at Rick Mosley Hair for nearly 20 years.

In 2003, Rick decided it was time for a change and relocated his salon to our current location inside the Anglo building in Clive. This is when he also began encouraging his team of stylists to grow as specialists in the field of their choice by bringing a trend in the hair industry called “departmentalizing” to Des Moines. This approach aligns with Rick’s vision and background in the field of hair cutting, and allows our team members to specialize in the services they are not only best at and most confident in, but also that they are most passionate about. The approach is similar to how doctors learn all of the basics first and then move into a specific field. It is natural instinct for most stylists to feel more confident in one practice or the other – cut or color.

While our “dualists” Karla and Terri continue to provide both cutting and coloring services, we also have four stylists – Rick, Andrea, Tony and Nicole R. – who focus solely on cutting and styling hair. And, the rest of our team – Jenna, Nicole H. and Abbey – exclusively specialize in hair color. This creates an inspiring environment for the team to work and grow in. According to Rick, “Life is proof that great ideas work, because here we are 20 years later still going like gangbusters with a team of colorists working along side a team of haircutters.” Learn more about each of our team members on our Website.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we are committed to being the best in the business through our study of current trends and on-going educational opportunities within our specialty areas. Prior to seeing any clients, all staff members go through an extensive six to 12 month training curriculum, so we are all very comfortable working together to focus on providing you with the best service (and style!) possible. We also regularly attend the largest hair events in the country and even host many big regional classes here in our own salon. (We’ll be sure to post information on these educational events in future blog entries.)

Please plan to stay in touch with us either between your appointments or as you become more familiar with Rick Mosley Hair by following this blog. We know that hair can sometimes be challenging, so we’re also open to answering your questions. Submit them to info@rickmosleyhair.com and we’ll do our best to respond.