Hot Summer Temperatures Bring Haircut Fever!

Many Rick Mosley Hair Clients are Loving the Updated “Shag” Look 


Many celebrities are sporting the shag look this summer.

Many celebrities are sporting the shag look this summer.

Inspired by the 70’s, this year’s hottest hair cut trend is a modern take on the grown out shag.  As bob cuts grow out into lobs, and lobs grow out to shoulder-length, layers can be added to create a shag look – which is now all the rage from Hollywood to the Midwest.


This effortless look features long and disconnected layers that frame the face.  Some versions have bangs – also known as fringe – while others do not.  And the great thing is a shag cut looks great on any length and with all hair types.


When it comes to styling, less is more.  The cut requires few products or styling tools.  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to discuss this look with your stylist.

Rick Mosley Hair Colorists Become Hair Artists

A New Line of Pulp Riot Colors Add a Pop of Fun to All Hair Types

Ever notice someone with a hint of blue or green in their hair?  Ever wonder what an accent color could do to your look?

This look features an all-over pink wash.

This look features an all-over pink wash.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we’re always staying on top of new trends and products, and one we’re most excited about is a new line of color from Pulp Riot.  For the past few months, we’ve been using these brighter and more vibrant colors on clients, both as accents and as all-over color.

These trendy fashion colors range from deep shades to pastels.  Even members of our Rick Mosley Hair team are trying them out.  For example, our receptionist Taylor just jumped on the bandwagon with an all-over pink color, while stylist Maria went with a green accent.

“This new line of color not only smells fantastic, we’re noticing it lasts much longer than previous products we’ve tried,” explains Rick Mosley Hair colorist Abbey Longstreet.  “Think of them as the colors you don’t find in nature.”

Or, go for a brighter spot color.

Or, go for a brighter spot color.

We’re seeing our Central Iowa clients becoming braver than ever when it comes to color trends.  Are you ready to take the leap?  We’re here to help.  Schedule an appointment today to discuss your best options with a professional at Rick Mosley Hair.



Sumo Buns are All the Rage this Spring Among the Rick Mosley Hair Team

Kelsey showing off her sumo bun style

Kelsey showing off her sumo bun style

Top knot hair buns are all the rage in Hollywood.  But, you don’t have to go that far to see the latest fashion trend.  Leave it to your team of hair professionals at Rick Mosley Hair to sport the latest styles.

We’ve affectionately named it the “sumo bun” and if you stop by the salon any day of the week, you’re bound to find at least a handful of us with our hair bundled on the top of our heads in high buns.

So, which of us do you think wore it best?

Now it’s your turn!  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to show us your sumo bun or knot, and we can swap tips for the latest styles!


Many Rick Mosley Hair team  members have been wearing their hair this way!

Many Rick Mosley Hair team members have been wearing their hair this way!

2016 Hair Trend Report

Bold, Unconventional and Over-the-Top Hairstyles Will Hit the Runways

2016According to Behind the Chair, this season is all about celebrating individuality.  Stylists will be mixing textures, structures, shapes and eras to give each client his or her own personal look.

Bold cuts, such as cheekbone-length bobs, will take center stage, but wavy textures will make the look more modern.  Tapered sides with angles and long layers started to catch on over the past few months and we believe this trend will continue.  Longer hair will be pinned, braided and given that “wet hair” look.

Trendy pastel and gray coloring in 2015 will be set aside and more natural hair colors will prevail.  Platinum will continue to be hot through Spring and Summer, while the look will be a bit more natural and effortless than last season.  Some fashionistas also predict that glitter and gel will be used this year to revitalize roots between colorings – we’ll see if that trend hits Central Iowa.

Styles will be influenced by everything from Star Wars to London’s punk scene, and the color gold will take over in the New Year.  So whether your style is effortlessly chic or is inspired by the 90’s club scene, stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to discuss how our stylists can help you bring out your inner style.

Bring in photos or pin your favorite looks to your Instagram or Pinterest pages so you can show us a glimpse of what you’re going for.  We also carry a full line of Aveda hair products and make-up to help you complete your look.

Why Waves are All the Rage

Summer styles featuring shoulder-length waves transition well into the back to school season

Many celebrities have adopted this great look.

Many celebrities have adopted this great look.

Selena Gomez and Christina Aguilera are just two of the many Hollywood Stars who have traded in lengthy locks or extensions for wavy shoulder-length hairdos.

You too can achieve the loose “Boho Waves” look.  The key to this look is to make your hair wavy without having a defined curl pattern.

Start by applying a texturing product, such as Aveda Thickening Tonic.  Then use a medium-sized curling iron and wrap small sections at a time toward your face.  Keep hold of the piece you just curled, unwrap it from the iron and then re-wrap it around the barrel again going in the opposite way.  One you have done all sections, use your fingers to soften and fluff the waves before spraying with Aveda Air Control hairspray.

Or, if you have super-straight hair, try loosely braiding it in three or four sections.  Leave the braids in for 15 to 30 minutes.  When you take them out, you’ll have perfectly imperfect bends.  For a slightly more sophisticated look, you can pull small sections away from your face and insert bobby pins.

Set up an appointment with your favorite Rick Mosley Hair stylist today and we’ll show you how you can achieve this effortless look.




Transform Your Hair Texture with a Brazilian Blowout

Ask your RMH stylist about our newest professional smoothing treatment

These before and after photos show how well the Brazilian Blowout process works!

These before and after photos show how well the Brazilian Blowout process works!

Tired of your wavy or frizzy hair?  Brazilian Blowout is the only smoothing treatment that creates healthier-looking wash-and-wear hair, every day, for even the most challenging hair types.

Our new Brazilian Blowout product is customizable to produce your desired results. For example, it makes straight or wavy hair sleek and smooth, or curly hair more manageable – while preventing frizz for all hair textures.  Our stylists at Rick Mosley Hair can help you determine how smooth, sleek, wavy or curly you want the results.

While the process takes a few hours, it produces long-lasting results – up to 12 weeks.  And, it is a cumulative treatment so the more you have it done, the better it works, the healthier it makes your hair, and the longer it lasts.  You can even have this done the same day as you have your hair colored.  In fact, it actually works best on color-treated or highlighted hair, improving its health by conditioning while sealing cuticles to lock in color and add shine.

This treatment is a good alternative for clients who have previously used Keratin.  It provides much more flexibility afterwards, as you can immediately put your hair-up, wash it, etc.  (With Keratin, you had to avoid these things for three full days to prevent creases.)  Following a Brazilian Blowout, you can wash, blow-dry, heat style, and put up your hair right away.  It can even reduce your styling time.

Call or stop in the salon today to learn more about this smoothing treatment that is preferred by experts, supermodels, A-list celebrities and others who walk the red carpet.  Clients have told us it’s like getting a blow out and having it last for three months!

Who doesn’t want big, long lashes like the Kardashians?

Rick Mosley Hair now offers eyelash extensions

Choose a more dramatic look.  (Before photos on top.)

Choose a more dramatic look. (Before photos on top.)

Are you ready for that get-up-and-go look?  Many Rick Mosley Hair clients are going crazy about the new eyelash extension service now offered by Kelsey.  Just think of how easy it would be going through the holidays – especially if you have houseguests or are going to be traveling – without having to deal with eye makeup!

The Basics

On average, it takes about 2 ½ hours to have a full set of eyelashes applied.  Kelsey glues faux mink hair on to your individual lashes to create a look that lasts about six weeks and costs $175.  Like your hair, eyelashes shed so you need to have them maintained every three to four weeks.

Different sizes are available so you can customize your length to make them very natural looking or much more dramatic.  The extensions do not damage your lashes when they are applied correctly and are properly maintained.  They can even be removed if needed.  And, sensitive glue is an option for clients with concerns.

“I love that I look awake and lively without having to put on makeup with my eyelash extensions, and I get so many compliments,” said RMH client Michelle Parks.  “The application process is easy and painless so I can’t imagine not having them.”


Maintenance is easy.  Just try not to get them too wet.  If you do, a hairdryer can help blow them dry.  Also, use oil free makeup remover so the glue isn’t impacted.  Finally, be sure to run through them frequently with mascara brush.  Following these simple steps should help them last longer.

At RMH, we use Blink brand faux mink hair, which gives lashes a feathery look.  Customers like this product because they are lighter weight than other options.  Give us a call today to schedule a time to meet with Kelsey for a consultation.  We’re sure you’ll be a satisfied customer, as eyelash extensions will enhance your overall appearance!

Or, choose a more natural look.  (Before photos on top.)

Or, choose a more natural look. (Before photos on top.)

Book Your Holiday Blow Out Today

Rick Mosley Hair offers this wash and style service too!

Schedule a blow out today so your hair looks its best this holiday season.

Color by Abbey. Cut by Taylor. Photo by Ben Easter (

Blow out bars aren’t just in the big cities any more.  They are popping up across the Midwest as well.  So what exactly is a blow out and why is this trend so popular?

Many of our customers love the look of their hair after leaving the salon.  While you don’t want to get your hair cut or colored more than necessary, we can give you that “just out of the salon” look when you schedule a wash and style – aka a blow out.

Made popular in New York and Chicago for the volume that can be added to your hair when dried properly, this service is perfect for a day when you just want to look (and feel) extra special.  Consider scheduling this quick service – that starts at just $25 – when you’ve got a job interview, are going to a fancy holiday event, or even just for a night on the town – let us pamper you at Rick Mosley Hair!

Watch for details on our blow out bar menu in January!

Models Receive Makeovers from Rick Mosley Hair

Sisters cut years from their looks by softening their dark hair color


Sharon looked great at the event after her color by Abbey and cut by Rick

Sharon looked great at the event after her color by Abbey and cut by Rick

In preparation for the Art Meets Fashion Show’s Fashion Fare Luncheon, Rick Mosley Hair stylists donated their time to cut, color and style the runway show models.


As part of this program, sisters Sharon and Anita both received cuts by Rick.  Abbey colored Sharon’s hair, while Kelsey colored Anita’s.  What the RMH team found was the same issue – both sisters had hair coloring that was too dark for their complexion and age.


A common issue in maturing women, coloring your hair a solid dark color can actually make you look older, sallow your skin or wash you out.  While women in their 20’s and 30’s can pull off this “inky” look, it doesn’t work as well with aging skin that has lost some of its pigment.


Anita was ready for the runway after her cut with Rick and color by Kelsey

Anita was ready for the runway after her cut with Rick and color by Kelsey

Hair naturally greys to soften the difference between dark hair and fair skin.  While many women want to cover their grey, there are ways to do it that maintain a natural look.  Infusing a couple of different color shades takes the spotlight off of age spots and skin imperfections because your skin looks less washed out.  The goal is creating a softer medium brown shade with plenty of dimensions, rather than a strong contrast of dark and really light highlights.


When it came to cuts, Anita’s hair had quite a bit of layering on the top.  In order to change the shape, Rick brought the bottom up and made the top layers look longer.  This look will require very little maintenance!  Sharon was given a sophisticated long bob style.  By getting her long hair off of her shoulders, it now has more shape and looks great with curls!


With our sister models, their hair looked softer, less monochromatic and much more natural after giving them cleaner cuts and adding a few shade varieties.  The lesson here is that natural hair color has variations in it – and so should your professionally colored hair!


Call Rick Mosley Hair today to set up a free consultation with one of our color experts.



Art Meets (Hair) Fashion

Rick Mosley Hair stylists support weeklong celebration of fashion as art (#amfdm)

Tony, Bree, Rick, Kelsey, Naphtali and Abbey donated their time to make models look fabulous at the Art Meets Fashion Week Fashion Fare Luncheon

Rick Mosley Hair stylists donated their time to make models look fabulous at the Art Meets Fashion Week Fashion Fare Luncheon

Last week, the art and fashion worlds joined forces to support the Des Moines Art Center programs and free admission policy.  One of the major fundraising events that was a part of this weeklong “Art Meets Fashion” celebration was the “Fashion Fare Luncheon.”

Held at the Temple for Performing Arts, guest speakers Lesley Seymour, editor-in-chief of MORE magazine, and noted menswear designer and Ames native Todd Snyder shared fashion do’s and don’ts.  The luncheon concluded with a fashion show of original art-inspired clothing designs by Iowa State students.

Models looked beautiful after their Rick Mosley Hair makeovers

Models looked beautiful after their Rick Mosley Hair makeovers

Rick Mosley Hair (RMH) stylists Tony, Abbey, Rick, Taylor, Bree and Kelsey donated their time to prepare models for the show.

This project began when RMH client Ellen Hubbell approached Art Center Director Jeff Fleming with the idea.  The “Halston & Warhol: Silver & Suede” exhibit that inspired the week’s line-up explores how the artist and fashion designer collaborated will be on display at the Des Moines Art Center through January 18, 2015.

This event was just one of the many ways Rick Mosley Hair supports the Central Iowa cultural community.  Call us today to schedule your very own runway hair makeover!