It’s Wedding Season

Call Rick Mosley Hair to schedule your wedding party today.

Call Rick Mosley Hair to schedule your wedding party today.

When it comes to hair trends for brides, bridesmaids or wedding guests, anything goes!

Simple Up Do’s

From basic knots and side buns to delicate pin curls and complicated braids, up do options are plentiful.  Up dos can be sleek or add lift.  Bring in pictures of your wedding dress, flowers and other accessories so we can help match that perfect up do to the overall look you’re creating for your big day.

Casual and Messy

If you’re going for the “non-fussy” look, consider beachy waves or pinning you hair half-up.  Loose braids are another option if you’re getting married outside or in a more casual setting.


Combs, headbands, flowers, bows and vintage jewelry are all making appearances in wedding hair this season.  Flower crowns are particularly hot so consider taking advantage of all of the great color in bloom.  Pick your favorite accessory and we’ll help you find the best way to incorporate it.

As you can tell, there are lots of options.  What is most important is that the hairstyle you choose goes with your dress and shows your personal style.  Feel free to bring in photos of styles you like to share with your Rick Mosley Hair stylist.  We also encourage you to schedule a practice run a few days before your big day.  We love hosting wedding parties, but be sure to get them on our calendar well in advance!


Start the New Year with a New Look

Show Off Your Eyes, Ears and Shoulders with a Pixie Cut

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the many celebrities who have recently embraced the pixie cut.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the many celebrities who have recently embraced the pixie cut.

Tired of spending so much time blow-drying and styling your hair each morning?  If so, join Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway, Kiera Knightley and the other celebrities who are bravely chopping their locks for a bold, new look.

The low-maintenance pixie cut was first made popular in the 1950s and 1960s when Vidal Sassoon gave the look to Mia Farrow.  It is now known as one of the salon’s most iconic styles.  Recently, the cut is creating attention on runways and streets across the country for those who are willing to try something completely different.

Some pixie cuts are as short as a half inch, while others are as long as two to three inches.  Just wash, add a little texturizer and go for that messy, boyish look.  Or, slick it back with shaping wax or control paste for something more sophisticated.  This cut is an especially good option if your hair has been over colored or processed. You won’t believe how great it feels to have slick and healthy hair.  Check out our Pinterest board to see additional photos.

Another similar option is a “disconnected” or “overlay” cut that features dramatic length differences between different sections of your hair.  This edgy look varies in shape but is most defined by extreme lengths that are not blended together.  Miley Cyrus and Pink have rocked many varieties of disconnected cuts in recent years.

Stop in to Rick Mosley hair today to talk with one of our expert stylists about whether or not a pixie cut will look good with your face shape.  Then, hold on and get ready for a fresh start to 2014!

Tired of your long locks but not ready for a pixie cut?

Try a long bob, also known as “the lob”


Is the hottest new look in hair right for you? The lob cut is easy to maintain but long enough for a pony tail.  Cut by Taylor.

Is the hottest new look in hair right for you? The lob cut is easy to maintain but long enough for a pony tail. (The cut in this photo was done by Taylor of Rick Mosley Hair.)

Looking for that perfect hair cut that is not to short and not too long? Join Mary-Kate Olsen, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence and the many other celebrities who have recently chopped their hair for that just-above-the shoulder look.


At Rick Mosley Hair, we’ve been giving many clients the lob – or long bob – look. From straight to wavy, this style looks good on all hair types and face shapes. Many lobs feature hair that is slightly shorter in the back than the front to give a slightly asymmetrical look. It gives hair great movement, and the best news is it continues to look stylish as it grows out. Many clients appreciate the long bob cut because they can still pull their hair back into a short pony tail.


Thinking of a new look for the New Year? Stop by and meet with one of our professional stylists to find out if a lob is right for you. You also are invited to visit our Lob board on Pinterest.

What’s the Latest in Men’s Hair Trends?

While not a dramatic change from prior years, two looks rise to the top this season

Cut by Tony Sadiq of Rick Mosley Hair. Photo courtesy of Ben Easter (

Why does it feel like women’s hair cuts change with every season, but men’s styles seem to last a lifetime?  This season is no different, with one cut that can provide both formal and messy options to best fit your personality. The pompadour with different lengths – typically short sides and a more disconnected and longer length on top – is showing up as this season’s top pick.

Longer length on top with shorter sides and back can help you achieve two great looks!


Refined and formal

Want to emulate the popular and sleek Mad Men style?  Then a slick and precise side part is for you.  This more refined look can support some length on top, but looks best with shorter hair in the back and on the sides.  The tidy edges of this cut should be finished with a bit of Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade to add shine, texture and definition.


Messy and edgy

If your attitude is a better match with a more natural or shaggy style, there also are options for you.  The “bedhead” look works well with naturally wavy hair that also has a bit of length on top.  The key is making sure your hair has lots of added texture and volume.  Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Cream adds pliable hold and control while maintaining a natural look.


While both styles have similar cuts and are easy to care for, they require just a bit of effort each morning, as using the right products is more important than ever.


Which of these two prominent men’s styles will look best on you?  Set up an appointment with one of our cutting specialists at Rick Mosley Hair so we can help you match your own personal style.

Ombre Offers an Effortless Style

Ombre looks best on long hair where there is a lot of length to spread out the variation in colors.

This two-toned hair trend lives on

The ombre color trend that originated in France has been holding strong, with several celebrities going back to this style where hair roots are darker than the tips.  French for “gradation,” the ombre look is even taking over clothing and nails styles recently – where the tie-dye look is back in.

With ombre, gone are the days where you need to rush to the salon to touch up your visible roots.  Because ombre hair coloring refers to the gradual transition from one shade to another, you can spend less time and money by lengthening the time between your visits to the salon.  This also means less stress is put on your hair.  This doesn’t mean you can achieve the look on your own just by growing out your roots.  We highly recommend that you start with a professional stylist who can blend your regrowth with different shades and varied starting points.

Here is an example of ombre done on shorter hair.

The multi-toned coloring process works with all hair colors and types, but looks best on hair that is shoulder length or longer (both real hair and extensions) so there is length to spread out the variations in color.  This look can be achieved using the “balayage” technique, which is the French term for painting on highlights to accentuate the natural flow of the haircut.  It can range from being barely noticeable to a dramatic contrast, with the latest style being much more subtle.  Some stars – including Lady Gaga – have been using bright colors this Spring to create a more dramatic “rainbow ombre” look.  This can also be achieved by using special hair chalk or just dying the tips of your hair using fun colors.
Call Rick Mosley Hair and set up time with one of our color specialists to discuss your personal ombre options.  Our colorists have experience both using foils and painting on highlights, so are ready to help you jump on (or re-visit) this fashion trend.  You’re also invited to visit our RMH Pinterest page to see a collection of ombre styles.


The next time you forgot to touch up your roots…no problem!  You’re part of the dark-to-light fade of color trend.

What’s Your Prom Hair Personality?

Rick Mosley Hair can make your prom hair look effortless!

Buns and braids are all the rage this prom season.
(Photos courtesy of Taylor Wheeler of Rick Mosley Hair)

When it comes to the 2013 prom season, there are just as many hairstyles to choose from as dresses

Whether you are glamming it up for your high school prom or just running to the mall, “effortless” is likely the word that best describes the look you’ll desire when it comes to your hair.  (But, we think you’ll find that it actually takes quite a bit of effort to achieve this trendy look!)

Gone are the days of formal and perfectly styled up-do’s.  Prom hair trends for 2013 include messier, unique and soft styles that are meant to feature what you like best about your hair.

While fishtail braids and soft buns are likely to top the list for longer hair, pinned back half-do’s, and side-swept hair also will make appearances.  For shorter hair, funky, messy and spiky styles will also be popular.  No matter what your hair length, be sure to accessorize with unique headbands and bedazzled hair ties.  Be sure to visit our new “Prom Inspiration” Pinterest board for many photos and examples.

Fridays and Saturdays in April and May are starting to fill up so be sure to call Rick Mosley Hair today to reserve a time to let our team help you pick the style that best fits your personality. And, be sure to share your prom hair photos with us on the Rick Mosley Facebook page to help inspire others.

Add Pops of Vibrant Color to Your Hair in Minutes

Bold colors are hot this season. Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to see all of your options.

Add vibrant colors to your hair with easy, low maintenance extensions.

We can give you a new look without creating long-term damage by using extensions

From Katy Perry and Alison Sweeney to presenters at the Oscars, you’ve probably been noticing the many celebrities rocking shades of pink, blue and other bright hair colors.  While many of them are using color treatments on their own hair, you can get a similar trendy look without the cost, damage and fading that comes with coloring.

Adding dyes that don’t naturally occur in hair never lasts more than a week or two at their initial vibrancy.  Hair also first has to be bleached and then colored over with the desired hue.  Since this involves a double process, it can be time consuming and expensive.  The alternative option is having extensions placed in your hair.  They come in a rainbow of colors and never fade.  And, you can even add or remove Swarovski jewels to your Hairdreams extensions.

Four of our color experts at Rick Mosley Hair – Jenna, Kelsey and Nicole H – have received their Hairdreams extension certifications.  This means they can give your hair a pop of color by adding in hair pieces that both go in and come out quickly and easily.  With just a few strands, we can help you create a striking effect that will last until you get tired of it.  Single strands cost $10 each and panels start at $30 each.

Stop in to Rick Mosley Hair to see the great new extension colors we have in stock or call us at 515-279-4075 to set up an appointment to add a fun new color (or two!) to your look.


Photos courtesy of Hairdreams.


The Great Bangs Debate

Thick and chunky or short and wispy?
Extreme bangs or fringe?
Blunt cut or asymmetric?


Long and wispy or short and straight, bangs are a quick and easy way to update your look.

We’ve all had them.  At some point, we’ve all loved them.  At other times, we’ve hated them. Get over your bangxiety with tips from the cutting experts at Rick Mosley Hair!

Are you considering adding bangs to update your look for 2013?  We’ve been seeing them pop up recently on many celebrities and on fashion runways.  From chunky bangs (like Beyonce) to blunt fringe (like Liv Tyler), bangs are a great option to quickly update your style and draw attention to your eyes, while serving as a cheap age eraser – much less expensive and less painful than a face lift!

When contemplating adding bangs, you’ll first want to consider the shape of your face.  Start by pulling back all of your hair and taking a good look at your forehead.  Once you’ve determined your face shape, check out our suggestions below.

  • Oval faces can handle nearly any type of bangs.  From long and heavy to short and angled, your possibilities are endless, so be brave!
  • Round faces – prominent cheeks, with equal widths at the forehead and lower face – look best with longer side swept bangs.  Another option is bangs that are a little shorter in the middle or that are wispy and show more forehead, as they make the face appear more oval shaped.  For a fun look, consider having your bangs cut asymmetrically.
  • Square faces also look great with long and wispy “pee-a-boo” bangs that are angled and swept to the side, often covering one eye.
  • On longer faces, a softer, lengthy fringe is typically most flattering.  Longer bangs give the illusion of more facial width by covering much of the forehead with hair.
  • If your forehead is wide and chin is narrow, your face is considered heart shaped. Straight blunt cut bangs help cover the forehead and soften pointed chins. Side swept fringe also can make foreheads look narrower.

You will want to allow for hair shrinkage due to curls, and take cowlicks into account when considering bangs.  And, think about how often you’re willing to get them trimmed to maintain the look.

Whether 2013 is “the year of the bang” or not, we urge you to meet with one of our experts at Rick Mosley hair to discuss your options.  If you decide to go for it, remember they will always grow back (eventually!)

Visit the Rick Mosley Hair Pinterest page to view our new board devoted just to pictures of great bangs.

Holiday Hair Color Trends

The holiday season is upon us and our salon is buzzing with clients looking to update their looks with the latest fall and winter color trends.  Here’s a sneak peak of what we recommend…

Color blocking, or paneling, is a simple way to apply color to a specific section of the hair in larger panels to create boldness in specific sections of the hair.  It is named after elements of modern art and fashion, where geometric shapes of color are used with sections of more neutral colors.  Color blocking in hair involves adding a contrasting color to just a portion of the hair, such as the under layers or bangs.  This technique has recently been used with brighter, more unnatural colors and leaves hair looking edgy – which is why many people refer to it as “peek-a-boo” color.

Whether your hair is red, blonde, or brown, we’re seeing warmer colors this season.

Strawberry Red

Strawberry reds were hot on the runway at Color Today.

Reds – Red hair shows power and confidence – think Emma Stone! – and the latest red hair trends are shifting to a “copper penny” color.  We’ve noticed the appearance of bolder true reds and bright red violet shades this fall/winter.  Also, a lot of darker redheads are shifting to a lighter and softer red that is closer to a strawberry blonde.  With reds, finding the right shade for your skin tone is very important. If you are hesitant to go too bold, try a nutmeg-type color.


Blonde model

Darker blondes are making a comeback this season. This blonde model was at the Color Today show.

Blondes – The latest blondes are staying either pale and bright (think Gwen Stefani) or are getting darker and warmer.  Also making its way to the top of the charts is “brond,” which is halfway between blonde and brown.  Many of the colors you see on celebrities now have some sort of base color to add warmth to the hair and to soften their natural non-highlighted color.  No matter what technique is used, most celebrity hair colors have a deeper base and lighter ends – going along with the trend of the ever-popular ombre.


Rich Red

Bright red violets made an appearance this winter.

Brunettes– Copper and red violet tones also are appearing more on brunettes.  If the sun lightened your tresses this summer, add darker hues and shine to update your look.  You can’t go wrong if you go with delicious warm colors, such as chocolate, caramel and mocha.


Whichever color or method you choose, it is important to use the right products to maintain your new look.  We carry Aveda’s line of Color Conserve products that help preserve and protect your color-treated hair so the hue lasts longer.

Our colorists at Rick Mosley Hair are ready to make you look great at your upcoming holiday parties.  Give us a call or stop by today so we can give you the gift of a new look.  Before you arrive, be sure to visit our Rick Mosley Hair Pinterest page and pin your favorite hair photos so you can show us the look you are going for using your mobile phone.  (Click on the “Reds,” “Blondes,” and “Brunettes” links above to go directly to our images for those hair colors.)