Dreaming of a Warm Weather Vacation this Winter?

Learn More About Aveda’s Reward Program – Pure Privilege

Several Rick Mosley Hair Customers Have Earned Trips Through the Program


pure privledgeIf you’re hooked on Aveda products as much as we are, we encourage you to look into Pure Privilege.  Members earn points for every Aveda product purchased.  Points can be redeemed for more products, salon services and even trips!


Many of our clients have signed up for Pure Privilege.  Each time they purchase Aveda products at Rick Mosley Hair, they earned points – 10 points for every $1 spent.  Many redeem these points for products or services, but several have decided to hold out for trips.


Believe it or not, spending a weekend in the Caribbean at no cost can be an amazing benefit of being a Pure Privilege member.  While many other programs brag about benefits that are nearly impossible to achieve, our clients are earning real-life rewards that they are redeeming for valuable prizes.


Consider signing up for Pure Privilege today.  All it takes is a one-time $10 enrollment feel to join.  Plus, you receive double points on your first purchase once you join and a special gift on your birthday.  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair to learn more.

Aveda’s New Shampure Dry Shampoo is Impressing Customers With Both Fine and Course Hair

Are you tired of washing your hair daily?  Does your hair quickly show oil?  Have you tried (and given up on) other dry shampoo options? 

Aveda's new dry shampoo is getting rave reviews by Rick Mosley Hair customers!

Aveda’s new dry shampoo is getting rave reviews by Rick Mosley Hair customers!

Improve your hair’s overall health while instantly reviving your look and senses with Aveda’s new dry shampoo.  Change up your routine by only washing your locks every two to three days, and using this great new product on the days in between.  It will not only save you time, but your hair will be healthier!

Shampure Dry Shampoo’s non-aerosol powder mist absorbs excess oil between washings.  You’ll also love how it smells and that it is 99.8% naturally derived (from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.)  And, it contains no talc or aerosol!  The product adds texture, goes on clean and doesn’t leave a residue.

To use, tip the bottle upside down. Return upright and turn the cap to expose the nozzle.  Lightly squeeze bottle to puff powder toward your roots.  Squeeze lightly until you see how much comes out with each puff, and then tip the bottle as needed to increase powder flow.  Massage the dry shampoo into your scalp and restyle as desired.

Tips for Use

  • Hold the base of the cap firmly in place with one hand and turn the top to expose the nozzle.
  • Make sure to close the cap when you’re finished to avoid spills.
  • Remember, a little goes a long ways.

Help extend a great blow dry, revive hair after a workout, refresh hair while traveling, or transform hair before a night out with Aveda’s new Shampure Dry Shampoo.  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to pick up a bottle.

Does Your Hair Need More Slip or More Grip?

The Rick Mosley Team reveals product secrets shared at a recent training event

BeaWatsonA few weeks ago, about half of the Rick Mosley Hair team attended an event and class led by Bea Watson, Aveda’s Global Hair Style Educator in London.  Bea was in Des Moines to spend a day sharing the latest styling and product tips, and a second day giving hands on experience to a group of select local stylists.

Our team enjoyed the experience and came away with quite a few of the hottest styling tips.  While none of the below product uses are “official,” we wanted to share these secrets with you so you can try them at home!

  1. Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer – This great product has a polymer in it that remembers your curls.  This means it not only helps with your current style, it helps maintain your perfect curly look the next few times you style your hair.
  2. Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel – Women have secretly been using this men’s product to add more volume and grip to their hair.  While other products provide every day volume, this one is great to use on roots for special occasions and all-day hold.  We’ve tried it several times on salon customers recently with great results!
  3. Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo – Yes, it is true!  Aveda just released a new dry shampoo.  This new product is going to be a game-changer for customers who want to make flat, greasy and even sweaty hair look presentable in a flash.  Watch our blog for a product review in the next few weeks.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we’re committed to keeping up on the latest trends and techniques, and this includes investing in our team by hosting and participating in training and classes all year round.  Stop by today to ask your stylist about what he/she has learned recently!



Why Waves are All the Rage

Summer styles featuring shoulder-length waves transition well into the back to school season

Many celebrities have adopted this great look.

Many celebrities have adopted this great look.

Selena Gomez and Christina Aguilera are just two of the many Hollywood Stars who have traded in lengthy locks or extensions for wavy shoulder-length hairdos.

You too can achieve the loose “Boho Waves” look.  The key to this look is to make your hair wavy without having a defined curl pattern.

Start by applying a texturing product, such as Aveda Thickening Tonic.  Then use a medium-sized curling iron and wrap small sections at a time toward your face.  Keep hold of the piece you just curled, unwrap it from the iron and then re-wrap it around the barrel again going in the opposite way.  One you have done all sections, use your fingers to soften and fluff the waves before spraying with Aveda Air Control hairspray.

Or, if you have super-straight hair, try loosely braiding it in three or four sections.  Leave the braids in for 15 to 30 minutes.  When you take them out, you’ll have perfectly imperfect bends.  For a slightly more sophisticated look, you can pull small sections away from your face and insert bobby pins.

Set up an appointment with your favorite Rick Mosley Hair stylist today and we’ll show you how you can achieve this effortless look.




Another Rick Mosley Hair FAQ

Save time in 2015 by washing your hair less often

RMH FAQsHave you ever had a question about hair that you’re too nervous to ask? We’re here to help! We get questions from clients all of the time, so we’ve started posting responses to those we hear most frequently.


How often should I wash my hair?


Many people think they need to wash their hair daily to keep it clean and healthy. Today, we’re here to dispel this myth, as washing your hair less often is actually better for your locks because washing dries out your hair and strips it of nutrients.

Put more time and energy into your New Year’s Resolutions to exercise and sleep more by spending less time washing, drying and styling your hair this year. All you need to do is change your routine to wash your hair three times per week. Of course everyone’s hair is different, but most hair types will adjust to this schedule quite quickly.

On off days, spray Pure Abundance Style Prep liberally onto dry hair, comb and re-style to give your hair a fresh look. If you exercise frequently, you can rinse your hair and condition it (without washing) in order to remove sweat.

Worried your hair will be greasy if you wash it less frequently?  Actually, the oil levels in your hair will adjust after a week or two. If you wash your hair daily, your body produces enough oil for that schedule. If you wash it less frequently, less oil will be produced. It also helps to comb through your hair well before washing it to help pull the oil through from your scalp to your ends, as the oil naturally helps condition your hair.

Do you have a hair-related question you want answered by our experts at Rick Mosley Hair?  Feel free to comment below, post it on our Facebook page, or e-mail it to info@rickmosleyhair.com and we’ll do our best to respond!

Dream of Summer with Highlights Today

Lightening is quicker, easier and better on your hair than ever before

Photo courtesy of The Des Moines Register

Photo courtesy of The Des Moines Register

Are you stuck in a rut?  Do you highlight your hair every spring and then darken it every fall?  Are you worried about over processing your hair?  Try a honey blonde or spiced rum shade now for a lighter look year-round.

Our new state-of-the-art hair color products lift or lighten your color with out using bleach.  This means you can have your hair colored much more frequently because it is less damaging.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we always stay on top of hair and product trends, that’s how our new highlight system keeps colors vibrant – not ashy, gray or brassy – and doesn’t require bleaching your hair first.  And, the colors fade less quickly than your typical color treatments do.

If you’re tired of the same old bleach highlights or color that looks different a few weeks after your appointment, schedule a color consultation with a color specialist at Rick Mosley Hair today.  You’ll immediately see the benefits of having a personalized color specialist on your side!


Extensions Add Volume and Length

Part One in a series on what everyday women want to know about extensions

Our most popular request is for extensions that add both volume and length.  Photo courtesy of HairDreams.

Our most popular request is for extensions that add both volume and just a bit of length. Photo courtesy of Hairdreams.

Have you ever considered having extensions added to your hair, but not totally understood what that would entail?  We’re here to help break down the basics in a series of three blog posts.

When it comes to extensions, there are four main options:

  • Adding length – up to 22 inches;
  • Adding volume;
  • Adding volume with a length compliment; and
  • Adding pops of color to your hair – read more about this in our blog post from earlier this year.

Our Facebook page includes many before and after photos of our clients who have achieved these looks with extensions.

Depending on your natural hair type and length, you’ll add extensions in “bundles,” which consist of 25 to 32 strands of hair.  Some clients have chosen to have a few strands put in to try it out before committing to a full service.  This is why you’ll first want to make an appointment with one of our extension specialists – Kelsey, Jenna or Nicole H – to have a quick consultation.  At that appointment, you’ll discuss the look you’d like to achieve, how many bundles that will take, the cost, and how long of an appointment you’ll need to schedule.  At that time you’ll also select a hair color so it can be ordered in time for your appointment.

In general, bundles cost $200 to $225 each, but there is a slightly lower option if that is a concern.  This cost includes the actual price to purchase the hair as well as the service to attach them.  Most clients require five to seven bundles of hair, depending on the density of their normal hair.  And, it takes 30 to 60 minutes to attach each bundle.  On average, an extension service that adds volume with a length compliment requires about five bundles and takes about three hours.

Finally, you’ll need to have a haircut once your extensions are in place but before you leave the salon.  This is an important step to ensure that your new look is finished and refined.

Stay tuned, as next week we’ll post part two in this series.  Upcoming articles will cover the importance of selecting high quality hair and the every day care required to maintain your extensions.

Make Every Day a Good Hair Day with Be Curly

Aveda’s newest line of hair care products are
designed specifically for curly and wavy hair


Be Curly Product Line

Be Curly Product Line

People have different personalities, different clothing styles and different hair types.  Fortunately, Aveda has hair product solutions for all kinds of hair, including its newest line, Be Curly, which helps curly and wavy locks combat frizz and enhance curls.

The Be Curly collection helps your hair stay healthy, while adding definition and texture.  The following items are available, and can be used either together or separately:

  • Curl Controller – Controls volume and helps lengthen tight curls
  • Curl Enhancing Hairspray (pump spray) – Sprays on wet to promote curls, adds shine, and provide all-day frizz control
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – Enhances curls and reduces frizz
  • Style-prep – Adds moisture and curl definition, while leaving hair soft (not crunchy!)
  • Curl Enhancer – Intensifies curl and heightens shine


Heat helps activate the above items, so it is better to use a diffuser on your hair dryer than to let your hair dry naturally after using.  We find that they don’t weigh your hair down, which provides curls that bounce back all day long.

Like most of our products, they are not only good for your hair, they are also good for the environment.  And Be Curly is no different.  They are 95% naturally derived, which means they are mostly made from plants and non-petroleum minerals.

Call or stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to find out why the Be Curly products are worth their weight in gold.  While you are there, ask one of our stylists for a demo.