Every Month is Earth Month at Rick Mosley Hair

Proceeds from the Light the Way candle benefit clean water projects.

This time of year we go a step further in supporting clean water efforts

Aveda goes to exceptional lengths to be respectful of the Earth, and the company expects its professional network of 7,000 salons worldwide – like Rick Mosley Hair – to share this commitment.  Ever since Aveda was founded in 1978, all products have been harvested with respect for the Earth – so this time of year is especially important to us.

What does Aveda do to support Earth Month?

For the past six years, Aveda has produced a limited edition “Light the Way” soy candle and donated 100% of the proceeds to Global Greengrants to help clean water efforts around the globe.  The candle aroma for 2013 is made from a blend of certified organic vanilla, cinnamon and ylang-ylang.  These 100% certified organic ingredients are grown in Madagascar, where the company’s work has had an impact in a village called Ampasimanjeva.

The water infrastructure in Ampasimanjeva was in disrepair, leading to extremely limited access to water for villagers.  Aveda and Greengrants supported two water projects in Ampasimanjeva, the first of which was initiated in 2008 to repair a water tank, build a solar-powered pump and install three water taps within the village.  A second grant in 2010 expanded the number of water distribution points and drilled a second well, resulting in improved access to clean water for 4,000 people.

Children from a local school were asked to provide drawings for the 2013 candle artwork depicting what clean water means to them and how access to an improved water source has impacted their lives.  Together with Aveda and salons around the globe, we hope raise more than $1.5 million for this great cause in 2013, so be sure to pick up a Light the Way candle today at Rick Mosley Hair.

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How is Rick Mosley Hair making a difference in Iowa?

A second way we are going above and beyond this Spring is by partnering with 45 other Aveda salons in Central Iowa to raise $60,000 for our local Earth Month partner, the Iowa Audubon Society.  Any fundraising that the salons chose to do (beyond the candle sales) stays locally and is donated to Audubon, so we’ve put together a wonderful gift basket filled with Aveda products for you to win.  Raffle tickets can be purchased at our reception area for $5 each.

The Iowa Audubon Society works to make water cleaner in our state by saving wetlands, protecting rivers and restoring marshlands.  Wetlands are important because they prevent flooding by holding water like a sponge – this helps keep river levels normal and filters and purifies surface water.  Rivers and their floodplain forests also play an important part in the water cycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water.  Finally, shallow marshlands filter sediments and nutrients from the water before it enters open channels.

These are just a few of the ways your team at Rick Mosley Hair is committed to being a respectful member of our community and world.  How will you support Earth Month in 2013?  Donate online today!


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