Extensions Add Volume and Length

Part One in a series on what everyday women want to know about extensions

Our most popular request is for extensions that add both volume and length.  Photo courtesy of HairDreams.

Our most popular request is for extensions that add both volume and just a bit of length. Photo courtesy of Hairdreams.

Have you ever considered having extensions added to your hair, but not totally understood what that would entail?  We’re here to help break down the basics in a series of three blog posts.

When it comes to extensions, there are four main options:

  • Adding length – up to 22 inches;
  • Adding volume;
  • Adding volume with a length compliment; and
  • Adding pops of color to your hair – read more about this in our blog post from earlier this year.

Our Facebook page includes many before and after photos of our clients who have achieved these looks with extensions.

Depending on your natural hair type and length, you’ll add extensions in “bundles,” which consist of 25 to 32 strands of hair.  Some clients have chosen to have a few strands put in to try it out before committing to a full service.  This is why you’ll first want to make an appointment with one of our extension specialists – Kelsey, Jenna or Nicole H – to have a quick consultation.  At that appointment, you’ll discuss the look you’d like to achieve, how many bundles that will take, the cost, and how long of an appointment you’ll need to schedule.  At that time you’ll also select a hair color so it can be ordered in time for your appointment.

In general, bundles cost $200 to $225 each, but there is a slightly lower option if that is a concern.  This cost includes the actual price to purchase the hair as well as the service to attach them.  Most clients require five to seven bundles of hair, depending on the density of their normal hair.  And, it takes 30 to 60 minutes to attach each bundle.  On average, an extension service that adds volume with a length compliment requires about five bundles and takes about three hours.

Finally, you’ll need to have a haircut once your extensions are in place but before you leave the salon.  This is an important step to ensure that your new look is finished and refined.

Stay tuned, as next week we’ll post part two in this series.  Upcoming articles will cover the importance of selecting high quality hair and the every day care required to maintain your extensions.


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