Introducing Rick Mosley Hair FAQs!

Don’t be tricked by the old adage that cutting your hair more frequently makes it grow faster.

Have you ever had a question about hair that you’re too embarrassed to ask?  We’re here to help!  We get questions from clients all of the time, so we’ll start posting responses to those we hear most frequently.


How often should I get my hair cut and colored?


It is hard to give a generic response to this question, as some cuts and color treatments require more maintenance than others. 

As a general rule of thumb, hair grows about half an inch per month so we suggest six to eight weeks between cuts for longer hair and four to six weeks for shorter hair.  Hair that has a precision or geometric cut (since the shape is stronger) or distinct bangs requires more frequent visits, as does hair that is heavily treated or damaged – remember cuts aren’t only for shape and looks, they also improve the overall health of your hair.

As for color, how frequently you visit depends on how different your color treatment is from your natural color, how quickly your hair grows, and the type of look you are going for.  If you have an all-over color that is completely different than your natural hair, you may have to visit us every 30-45 days to keep your roots from standing out and your color from becoming dull.  If you have basic highlights or ombre-style color (where the roots are darker than the ends), you can possibly stretch your visits out up to 90 days.

Be sure to discuss your cut and color options and with your Rick Mosley Hair stylist so he or she can make a personalized recommendation for the frequency of your visits and the Aveda products that will best help you maintain and care for your style.


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