Ombre Offers an Effortless Style

Ombre looks best on long hair where there is a lot of length to spread out the variation in colors.

This two-toned hair trend lives on

The ombre color trend that originated in France has been holding strong, with several celebrities going back to this style where hair roots are darker than the tips.  French for “gradation,” the ombre look is even taking over clothing and nails styles recently – where the tie-dye look is back in.

With ombre, gone are the days where you need to rush to the salon to touch up your visible roots.  Because ombre hair coloring refers to the gradual transition from one shade to another, you can spend less time and money by lengthening the time between your visits to the salon.  This also means less stress is put on your hair.  This doesn’t mean you can achieve the look on your own just by growing out your roots.  We highly recommend that you start with a professional stylist who can blend your regrowth with different shades and varied starting points.

Here is an example of ombre done on shorter hair.

The multi-toned coloring process works with all hair colors and types, but looks best on hair that is shoulder length or longer (both real hair and extensions) so there is length to spread out the variations in color.  This look can be achieved using the “balayage” technique, which is the French term for painting on highlights to accentuate the natural flow of the haircut.  It can range from being barely noticeable to a dramatic contrast, with the latest style being much more subtle.  Some stars – including Lady Gaga – have been using bright colors this Spring to create a more dramatic “rainbow ombre” look.  This can also be achieved by using special hair chalk or just dying the tips of your hair using fun colors.
Call Rick Mosley Hair and set up time with one of our color specialists to discuss your personal ombre options.  Our colorists have experience both using foils and painting on highlights, so are ready to help you jump on (or re-visit) this fashion trend.  You’re also invited to visit our RMH Pinterest page to see a collection of ombre styles.


The next time you forgot to touch up your roots…no problem!  You’re part of the dark-to-light fade of color trend.


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