Rick Mosley Hair – A Cutting-Edge Salon with Deep Roots in Our Community

Your hair isn’t average so your salon shouldn’t be either

This photo was set up to look like the Shampoo movie poster with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in the mid to late 70’s – early in Rick’s career!

Have you ever wondered what happens each day behind the doors of Rick Mosley Hair? Maybe you drive by on your way home from work or see our storefront when picking up dinner at Dish. We understand that selecting a salon can be somewhat intimidating, so whether you have been a client for years or you are considering a change, let us (re)introduce you to our experienced (and fun!) team of professionals.

Rick Mosley first opened the doors to his namesake salon – Rick Mosley Hair – during the floods of 1993 in the heart of Valley Junction in West Des Moines.  Prior to that, he cut hair at several other big-name salons in town. Remember “GLC Haircutters,” the spaceship shaped “Headliners,” or “Phases Hair Salon”?

Since the beginning, Rick has devoted his time exclusively to excellence in the art of haircutting. His unique styling and business approaches have earned him a large and devoted client-base that keeps him on his toes. Two stylists – Karla, Rick’s good friend and Terri, Rick’s sister – began working at Rick’s side from the very start. Together, they make up the core team that has been making our clients look good at Rick Mosley Hair for nearly 20 years.

In 2003, Rick decided it was time for a change and relocated his salon to our current location inside the Anglo building in Clive. This is when he also began encouraging his team of stylists to grow as specialists in the field of their choice by bringing a trend in the hair industry called “departmentalizing” to Des Moines. This approach aligns with Rick’s vision and background in the field of hair cutting, and allows our team members to specialize in the services they are not only best at and most confident in, but also that they are most passionate about. The approach is similar to how doctors learn all of the basics first and then move into a specific field. It is natural instinct for most stylists to feel more confident in one practice or the other – cut or color.

While our “dualists” Karla and Terri continue to provide both cutting and coloring services, we also have four stylists – Rick, Andrea, Tony and Nicole R. – who focus solely on cutting and styling hair. And, the rest of our team – Jenna, Nicole H. and Abbey – exclusively specialize in hair color. This creates an inspiring environment for the team to work and grow in. According to Rick, “Life is proof that great ideas work, because here we are 20 years later still going like gangbusters with a team of colorists working along side a team of haircutters.” Learn more about each of our team members on our Website.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we are committed to being the best in the business through our study of current trends and on-going educational opportunities within our specialty areas. Prior to seeing any clients, all staff members go through an extensive six to 12 month training curriculum, so we are all very comfortable working together to focus on providing you with the best service (and style!) possible. We also regularly attend the largest hair events in the country and even host many big regional classes here in our own salon. (We’ll be sure to post information on these educational events in future blog entries.)

Please plan to stay in touch with us either between your appointments or as you become more familiar with Rick Mosley Hair by following this blog. We know that hair can sometimes be challenging, so we’re also open to answering your questions. Submit them to info@rickmosleyhair.com and we’ll do our best to respond.


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