Tired of your long locks but not ready for a pixie cut?

Try a long bob, also known as “the lob”


Is the hottest new look in hair right for you? The lob cut is easy to maintain but long enough for a pony tail.  Cut by Taylor.

Is the hottest new look in hair right for you? The lob cut is easy to maintain but long enough for a pony tail. (The cut in this photo was done by Taylor of Rick Mosley Hair.)

Looking for that perfect hair cut that is not to short and not too long? Join Mary-Kate Olsen, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence and the many other celebrities who have recently chopped their hair for that just-above-the shoulder look.


At Rick Mosley Hair, we’ve been giving many clients the lob – or long bob – look. From straight to wavy, this style looks good on all hair types and face shapes. Many lobs feature hair that is slightly shorter in the back than the front to give a slightly asymmetrical look. It gives hair great movement, and the best news is it continues to look stylish as it grows out. Many clients appreciate the long bob cut because they can still pull their hair back into a short pony tail.


Thinking of a new look for the New Year? Stop by and meet with one of our professional stylists to find out if a lob is right for you. You also are invited to visit our Lob board on Pinterest.

Already Stressed by the Upcoming Holiday Season?

Let Aveda’s Stress-Fix line of products help you keep calm and cool


Aveda's stress fix products make great holiday gifts.  Stop by Rick Mosley Hair to pick some up today.

Aveda’s stress fix products make great holiday gifts. Stop by Rick Mosley Hair to pick some up today.

Melt your stress away with the aroma of lavender, while moisturizing your skin with the power of essential oils by using Aveda’s Stress-Fix body lotion or concentrate.

Chose our hydrating body lotion for a mini spa treatment whenever life gets stressful. The scent is proven to relieve feelings of tension and anxiety, so be sure to hold some in your hands and under your nose while taking a deep breathe before using. Next, smooth over your body in a circular motion, while providing the most attention to your shoulders, neck and forearms. Give your hands a pick-me-up thumb massage whenever they get dry throughout the day, especially if you wash your hands repetitively.

When you’re on the go, reach for Stress-Fix rollerball concentrate. Simply glide it over your pulse points – inside of wrists, top of neck, upper shoulders – for quick relief. The portable size fits perfectly in your purse so it is always with you and available. And, the light scent is strong enough to make you incredibly happy, without overwhelming your friends.

These products are organically certified by ECO-CERT, a private international organic certification agency. To qualify for this honor 95 percent of the product (including water) must be of natural origin, 95 percent of plant materials must be certified as organic, 10 percent of the total ingredients must be certified as organic, and the product must be manufactured in a facility that meets ECO-CERT’s high standards. This is important because of Aveda’s long-term commitment to being an environmentally responsible company.

The next time you need instant calm and relaxation, or even a better night’s sleep, turn to Stress-Fix body lotion or rollerball concentrate to help melt away your tension. Stop by Rick Mosley Hair and ask for a free demonstration of these luxurious products that also make great holiday gifts.

You Just Got Extensions, Now What?

Part Three in a series on what everyday women want to know about extensions

This photo, courtesy of Hairdreams, shows how extensions are a great option for customers who want to length.

This photo, courtesy of Hairdreams, shows how extensions are a great option for customers who want to length.

You can ignore the rumors that extensions require a lot of work.  Once you get home, you’ll be able to treat your hair similarly to how you have in the past, with a few exceptions:

  • You’ll need to use a sulfate-free shampoo;
  • You won’t want to use any products or a conditioner that contain dimethicone – check the label for ingredients that end in “cone”;
  • A special type of brush needs to be used on your hair while your extensions are in;
  • You’ll want to blow dry the bonds that attach your hair immediately after washing, but won’t need to wash your hair as frequently;
  • Be sure to keep other heat (curling or flat irons) directly off of the bonds; and
  • You’ll want to schedule quick (30 to 45 minute) hair cuts every four to six weeks to keep your hair looking good.

With these simple instructions, you’ll be set for the next four to five months.  After that, you’ll want to make an appointment to have them removed.

“Most of my clients comment that their extensions were easier to care for than they ever imagined,” explains Rick Mosley Hair stylist Jenna Reiter.  “Many of them just quickly blow-dry the bonds after showering and then let their remaining ends air dry to achieve a beachy wave look.  A flat or curling iron can be used on the dry ends to achieve a more finished style.  There are many ways to care for extensions, none of which need to add extra time or stress to you day.”

We hope you have enjoyed this series of articles that involved a deep dive into the topic of extensions.  If you have remaining questions, please call the salon at 515-279-4075 or request an appointment online.  You’re also welcome to ask questions about the process via our Facebook page, or by sending an e-mail to info@rickmosleyhair.com.  We can’t wait to hear from you and discuss your hair extension options!

Extensions – Quality Makes a BIG Difference!

Part Two in a series on what everyday women want to know about extensions

This photo, courtesy of Hairdreams, shows how extensions are a great option for customers who want to add up to 18 inches in length.

This photo, courtesy of Hairdreams, shows how extensions are a great option for customers who want to add up to 22 inches in length.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality products available and the hair we use for extensions is no exception.  After much research and testing, we have selected Hairdreams as our preferred hair provider.

As you can imagine, there is a big difference between the hair we use in our professional salon and the hair available at your local drug store or some other salons.  The things you want to consider and look for include the health of the hair and the proportion of its tapering.

Hair Health

Healthy hair has shine, elasticity and bounce.  Much of this is due to the state of the cuticle layer – it should be intact and closed – and how the hair has been treated.

The hair we use has been minimally treated and is of the highest quality.  It can even be re-attached up to two times, which saves you the cost of purchasing new hair each time you add extensions.  It is available in about any color you could possibly want and once it is attached, it can be treated or styled just like any other human hair.

If you go with other lower cost options, be careful that the hair isn’t coated in silicone.  This gives it a great and shiny look at first, but can become a nightmare in a week or so once the silicone dissolves.  Tangling is a big issue for people who use low-quality extensions.

Proportion of Tapered Hair

When you look at your natural hair, it is tapered in a way so that only about 5 percent of your hair is the longest length.  When you choose Hairdreams hair for your extensions, you are able to add hair strands that are all the same length (not as tapered), which in the end requires less strands (cost!) and application time.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we exclusively use 100 percent human hair, which is collected from around the world in accordance with strict ethical guidelines.  It comes in two quality options – basic and special.  While we highly recommend using “special,” we are confident in the quality of the “basic” hair for clients who need a lower priced option.  We’d be more than happy to discuss these options when you come in for your consultation appointment.

One more thing we’d like to point out is that when attached properly, extensions shouldn’t cause you pain and they shouldn’t break your natural hair.  You hear about these horror stories when the bonds are attached directly on the scalp.  Our team is trained to place the bonds 1/8 of an inch out from the scalp to prevent any of these types of issues.

Check back next week to learn about the special daily care extensions require.


RMH FAQsBase breaking is a quick option for keeping roots looking natural between highlights.

Have you ever had a question about hair that you’re too nervous to ask?  We’re here to help!  We get questions from clients all of the time, so we’ve started posting responses to those we hear most frequently.


During the summer months, I don’t have time to spend two plus hours in the salon getting my hair colored.  What are my options?


roots before final


Fortunately, we have a quick solution to help clients with regrowth.  If your hair color is between light brown and dark blonde, “breaking the base” can lift your roots one to two levels lighter than your natural color.  The color goes directly on your scalp and only sits for about 10 minutes.  It softens the stark contrast between your natural color and highlighted color, and doesn’t involve foils.  The process also leaves your hair shiny and conditioned.  (See the results for yourself in the photos on the right side of this page!)

roots after final


Your entire visit will take about 45 minutes including a blow dry, or only 20 minutes if you want to leave your hair wet and head straight to the pool.  It also is fairly inexpensive, costing $45 to $55.  If you are looking for a quick way to refresh your look until your next highlight appointment, contact Rick Mosley Hair today.


Do you have a hair-related question you want answered by our experts at Rick Mosley Hair?  Feel free to comment below, post it on our Facebook page, or e-mail it to info@rickmosleyhair.com and we’ll do our best to respond!

A Message from a Rick Mosley Hair Customer…

A Color Correction Battle – and WIN!

My perfect highlights

My perfect highlights

For six years I did not highlight or color my hair. Then one day I realized it was time and I was ready to lighten it up just a little with a few blended blonde highlights. Easy, right? Or, so I thought…

My hair-coloring nightmare took me to four different salons in Central Iowa for appointments and six corrections. My hair went from natural and shiny to stripes of blonde, hues of orange, yellow blonde, and even to light brown. Then one day about six weeks into this hair color ordeal a friend suggested when I next saw someone’s hair that I liked, to just ask them where they got their hair done since it likely is a shop that has good technique and quality, as well as the ability to communicate and interpret what the client wants.

The next day when I was at the grocery store I saw a woman with perfect color. It looked natural, so I asked her where she had her hair done. She told me Rick Mosley Hair, so I called and made an appointment immediately.

At my first visit to Rick Mosley Hair, my colorist was finally able to give me the look I was hoping for – the look so many other colorists in town couldn’t provide. When I stood at the checkout counter after seeing my new hair miracle, I was so grateful that I had to choke back tears. She brought me back to being myself and it was done at a lower price than I expected.

When you go to Rick Mosley Hair, the overall experience is enjoyable. I am treated with respect, and the stylists are genuine and down-to-earth (yet, refined and polite).  I now go to Nicole for most of my services, and she has also provided wonderful, consistent experiences. Everything is perfect, even down to the details at the salon – capes are used to protect your clothing, the lighting is wonderful, the privacy is just right, and they make me feel ready for a night out on the town. Their Aveda products are great, yet not pushed on you. To sum it all up, I am relaxed and confident when I’m at Rick Mosley Hair.

The hair ordeal I described was two years ago, and I continue to return to this salon because not only did my impossible color mess get fixed, but the colorists at Rick Mosley Hair are able to consistently maintain my color and look. The salon meets me where I am financially. They listen to what I want and are able to decipher what I want from what I said – every time!

Rick Mosley truly cares for his employees and his clients. He invests in the education of his hair designers and color specialists. And, his team is natural at customer service. Thanks to the Rick Mosley Hair team. I am a client for life!

Joleen (a client for two years)


Ombre Offers an Effortless Style

Ombre looks best on long hair where there is a lot of length to spread out the variation in colors.

This two-toned hair trend lives on

The ombre color trend that originated in France has been holding strong, with several celebrities going back to this style where hair roots are darker than the tips.  French for “gradation,” the ombre look is even taking over clothing and nails styles recently – where the tie-dye look is back in.

With ombre, gone are the days where you need to rush to the salon to touch up your visible roots.  Because ombre hair coloring refers to the gradual transition from one shade to another, you can spend less time and money by lengthening the time between your visits to the salon.  This also means less stress is put on your hair.  This doesn’t mean you can achieve the look on your own just by growing out your roots.  We highly recommend that you start with a professional stylist who can blend your regrowth with different shades and varied starting points.

Here is an example of ombre done on shorter hair.

The multi-toned coloring process works with all hair colors and types, but looks best on hair that is shoulder length or longer (both real hair and extensions) so there is length to spread out the variations in color.  This look can be achieved using the “balayage” technique, which is the French term for painting on highlights to accentuate the natural flow of the haircut.  It can range from being barely noticeable to a dramatic contrast, with the latest style being much more subtle.  Some stars – including Lady Gaga – have been using bright colors this Spring to create a more dramatic “rainbow ombre” look.  This can also be achieved by using special hair chalk or just dying the tips of your hair using fun colors.
Call Rick Mosley Hair and set up time with one of our color specialists to discuss your personal ombre options.  Our colorists have experience both using foils and painting on highlights, so are ready to help you jump on (or re-visit) this fashion trend.  You’re also invited to visit our RMH Pinterest page to see a collection of ombre styles.


The next time you forgot to touch up your roots…no problem!  You’re part of the dark-to-light fade of color trend.

My Fifteen Minutes of Hair Fame

Read about Rick Mosley Hair client Katie Coyle’s experience on NBC’s “Ready for Love,” including how impressed the head stylist was with her hair


International stylists were impressed with Rick Mosley Hair client Katie Coyle’s hair while filming “Ready for Love.”

While I rarely watch television, I learned about the new reality dating show, “Ready for Love,” while watching “The Voice” with my kids about a year ago.  I saw a commercial to go online and apply, and thought what the heck!  I have never done anything like this before, but took a leap of faith that resulted in a Skype interview with the show’s casting agency.  The agents must have liked me, because they pitched me to NBC – and the network approved!

Overall, the process involved tons of paperwork and everything moved very quickly.  To make a long story short, last Memorial Day I found out that I was selected.  I only had five days to get everything together before flying to California where I met with a matchmaker who had to think I was a good fit for one of the show’s three bachelors.

After several days of interviews and photos, it was finally time for our stage days.  Call time was 4 a.m. and we were not done filming until 1 a.m.  Once Ben (one of the bachelors) chose me to continue, I moved into Pacific Palisades with eight other women.  We lived in the house that Rihanna recently purchased, which was pretty cool, but also full of drama.

My biggest compliment came when Pasquale, the head stylist from Italy, said he was not going to touch my hair (unlike the work he had to do on most of the other contestants).  He thought my color and cut were beautiful and instantly assumed I was from Los Angeles.  When I told him I was from Iowa, he nearly fell over.  (He also thought we grew potatoes here!)  His response was, “Well, they are doing a beautiful job in Iowa.”

I have been a loyal client of Rick Mosley Hair for at least 15 years, after a friend referred me.  I have tried other places, for convenience sake since I live an hour from the salon, but nobody can color or cut my hair the way Rick’s team does.

Overall, the show was a great experience.  I have made great memories and friends.  And, even though I didn’t find true love, I have no regrets and am proud of the way I represented Iowa.

What’s Your Prom Hair Personality?

Rick Mosley Hair can make your prom hair look effortless!

Buns and braids are all the rage this prom season.
(Photos courtesy of Taylor Wheeler of Rick Mosley Hair)

When it comes to the 2013 prom season, there are just as many hairstyles to choose from as dresses

Whether you are glamming it up for your high school prom or just running to the mall, “effortless” is likely the word that best describes the look you’ll desire when it comes to your hair.  (But, we think you’ll find that it actually takes quite a bit of effort to achieve this trendy look!)

Gone are the days of formal and perfectly styled up-do’s.  Prom hair trends for 2013 include messier, unique and soft styles that are meant to feature what you like best about your hair.

While fishtail braids and soft buns are likely to top the list for longer hair, pinned back half-do’s, and side-swept hair also will make appearances.  For shorter hair, funky, messy and spiky styles will also be popular.  No matter what your hair length, be sure to accessorize with unique headbands and bedazzled hair ties.  Be sure to visit our new “Prom Inspiration” Pinterest board for many photos and examples.

Fridays and Saturdays in April and May are starting to fill up so be sure to call Rick Mosley Hair today to reserve a time to let our team help you pick the style that best fits your personality. And, be sure to share your prom hair photos with us on the Rick Mosley Facebook page to help inspire others.

Every Month is Earth Month at Rick Mosley Hair

Proceeds from the Light the Way candle benefit clean water projects.

This time of year we go a step further in supporting clean water efforts

Aveda goes to exceptional lengths to be respectful of the Earth, and the company expects its professional network of 7,000 salons worldwide – like Rick Mosley Hair – to share this commitment.  Ever since Aveda was founded in 1978, all products have been harvested with respect for the Earth – so this time of year is especially important to us.

What does Aveda do to support Earth Month?

For the past six years, Aveda has produced a limited edition “Light the Way” soy candle and donated 100% of the proceeds to Global Greengrants to help clean water efforts around the globe.  The candle aroma for 2013 is made from a blend of certified organic vanilla, cinnamon and ylang-ylang.  These 100% certified organic ingredients are grown in Madagascar, where the company’s work has had an impact in a village called Ampasimanjeva.

The water infrastructure in Ampasimanjeva was in disrepair, leading to extremely limited access to water for villagers.  Aveda and Greengrants supported two water projects in Ampasimanjeva, the first of which was initiated in 2008 to repair a water tank, build a solar-powered pump and install three water taps within the village.  A second grant in 2010 expanded the number of water distribution points and drilled a second well, resulting in improved access to clean water for 4,000 people.

Children from a local school were asked to provide drawings for the 2013 candle artwork depicting what clean water means to them and how access to an improved water source has impacted their lives.  Together with Aveda and salons around the globe, we hope raise more than $1.5 million for this great cause in 2013, so be sure to pick up a Light the Way candle today at Rick Mosley Hair.

Win this great basket of Aveda products by entering our Earth Month raffle fundraiser!

How is Rick Mosley Hair making a difference in Iowa?

A second way we are going above and beyond this Spring is by partnering with 45 other Aveda salons in Central Iowa to raise $60,000 for our local Earth Month partner, the Iowa Audubon Society.  Any fundraising that the salons chose to do (beyond the candle sales) stays locally and is donated to Audubon, so we’ve put together a wonderful gift basket filled with Aveda products for you to win.  Raffle tickets can be purchased at our reception area for $5 each.

The Iowa Audubon Society works to make water cleaner in our state by saving wetlands, protecting rivers and restoring marshlands.  Wetlands are important because they prevent flooding by holding water like a sponge – this helps keep river levels normal and filters and purifies surface water.  Rivers and their floodplain forests also play an important part in the water cycle, acting as drainage channels for surface water.  Finally, shallow marshlands filter sediments and nutrients from the water before it enters open channels.

These are just a few of the ways your team at Rick Mosley Hair is committed to being a respectful member of our community and world.  How will you support Earth Month in 2013?  Donate online today!