Does Your Hair Need More Slip or More Grip?

The Rick Mosley Team reveals product secrets shared at a recent training event

BeaWatsonA few weeks ago, about half of the Rick Mosley Hair team attended an event and class led by Bea Watson, Aveda’s Global Hair Style Educator in London.  Bea was in Des Moines to spend a day sharing the latest styling and product tips, and a second day giving hands on experience to a group of select local stylists.

Our team enjoyed the experience and came away with quite a few of the hottest styling tips.  While none of the below product uses are “official,” we wanted to share these secrets with you so you can try them at home!

  1. Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer – This great product has a polymer in it that remembers your curls.  This means it not only helps with your current style, it helps maintain your perfect curly look the next few times you style your hair.
  2. Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel – Women have secretly been using this men’s product to add more volume and grip to their hair.  While other products provide every day volume, this one is great to use on roots for special occasions and all-day hold.  We’ve tried it several times on salon customers recently with great results!
  3. Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo – Yes, it is true!  Aveda just released a new dry shampoo.  This new product is going to be a game-changer for customers who want to make flat, greasy and even sweaty hair look presentable in a flash.  Watch our blog for a product review in the next few weeks.

At Rick Mosley Hair, we’re committed to keeping up on the latest trends and techniques, and this includes investing in our team by hosting and participating in training and classes all year round.  Stop by today to ask your stylist about what he/she has learned recently!



Transform Your Hair Texture with a Brazilian Blowout

Ask your RMH stylist about our newest professional smoothing treatment

These before and after photos show how well the Brazilian Blowout process works!

These before and after photos show how well the Brazilian Blowout process works!

Tired of your wavy or frizzy hair?  Brazilian Blowout is the only smoothing treatment that creates healthier-looking wash-and-wear hair, every day, for even the most challenging hair types.

Our new Brazilian Blowout product is customizable to produce your desired results. For example, it makes straight or wavy hair sleek and smooth, or curly hair more manageable – while preventing frizz for all hair textures.  Our stylists at Rick Mosley Hair can help you determine how smooth, sleek, wavy or curly you want the results.

While the process takes a few hours, it produces long-lasting results – up to 12 weeks.  And, it is a cumulative treatment so the more you have it done, the better it works, the healthier it makes your hair, and the longer it lasts.  You can even have this done the same day as you have your hair colored.  In fact, it actually works best on color-treated or highlighted hair, improving its health by conditioning while sealing cuticles to lock in color and add shine.

This treatment is a good alternative for clients who have previously used Keratin.  It provides much more flexibility afterwards, as you can immediately put your hair-up, wash it, etc.  (With Keratin, you had to avoid these things for three full days to prevent creases.)  Following a Brazilian Blowout, you can wash, blow-dry, heat style, and put up your hair right away.  It can even reduce your styling time.

Call or stop in the salon today to learn more about this smoothing treatment that is preferred by experts, supermodels, A-list celebrities and others who walk the red carpet.  Clients have told us it’s like getting a blow out and having it last for three months!

Make Every Day a Good Hair Day with Be Curly

Aveda’s newest line of hair care products are
designed specifically for curly and wavy hair


Be Curly Product Line

Be Curly Product Line

People have different personalities, different clothing styles and different hair types.  Fortunately, Aveda has hair product solutions for all kinds of hair, including its newest line, Be Curly, which helps curly and wavy locks combat frizz and enhance curls.

The Be Curly collection helps your hair stay healthy, while adding definition and texture.  The following items are available, and can be used either together or separately:

  • Curl Controller – Controls volume and helps lengthen tight curls
  • Curl Enhancing Hairspray (pump spray) – Sprays on wet to promote curls, adds shine, and provide all-day frizz control
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – Enhances curls and reduces frizz
  • Style-prep – Adds moisture and curl definition, while leaving hair soft (not crunchy!)
  • Curl Enhancer – Intensifies curl and heightens shine


Heat helps activate the above items, so it is better to use a diffuser on your hair dryer than to let your hair dry naturally after using.  We find that they don’t weigh your hair down, which provides curls that bounce back all day long.

Like most of our products, they are not only good for your hair, they are also good for the environment.  And Be Curly is no different.  They are 95% naturally derived, which means they are mostly made from plants and non-petroleum minerals.

Call or stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to find out why the Be Curly products are worth their weight in gold.  While you are there, ask one of our stylists for a demo.