A Message from a Rick Mosley Hair Customer…

A Color Correction Battle – and WIN!

My perfect highlights

My perfect highlights

For six years I did not highlight or color my hair. Then one day I realized it was time and I was ready to lighten it up just a little with a few blended blonde highlights. Easy, right? Or, so I thought…

My hair-coloring nightmare took me to four different salons in Central Iowa for appointments and six corrections. My hair went from natural and shiny to stripes of blonde, hues of orange, yellow blonde, and even to light brown. Then one day about six weeks into this hair color ordeal a friend suggested when I next saw someone’s hair that I liked, to just ask them where they got their hair done since it likely is a shop that has good technique and quality, as well as the ability to communicate and interpret what the client wants.

The next day when I was at the grocery store I saw a woman with perfect color. It looked natural, so I asked her where she had her hair done. She told me Rick Mosley Hair, so I called and made an appointment immediately.

At my first visit to Rick Mosley Hair, my colorist was finally able to give me the look I was hoping for – the look so many other colorists in town couldn’t provide. When I stood at the checkout counter after seeing my new hair miracle, I was so grateful that I had to choke back tears. She brought me back to being myself and it was done at a lower price than I expected.

When you go to Rick Mosley Hair, the overall experience is enjoyable. I am treated with respect, and the stylists are genuine and down-to-earth (yet, refined and polite).  I now go to Nicole for most of my services, and she has also provided wonderful, consistent experiences. Everything is perfect, even down to the details at the salon – capes are used to protect your clothing, the lighting is wonderful, the privacy is just right, and they make me feel ready for a night out on the town. Their Aveda products are great, yet not pushed on you. To sum it all up, I am relaxed and confident when I’m at Rick Mosley Hair.

The hair ordeal I described was two years ago, and I continue to return to this salon because not only did my impossible color mess get fixed, but the colorists at Rick Mosley Hair are able to consistently maintain my color and look. The salon meets me where I am financially. They listen to what I want and are able to decipher what I want from what I said – every time!

Rick Mosley truly cares for his employees and his clients. He invests in the education of his hair designers and color specialists. And, his team is natural at customer service. Thanks to the Rick Mosley Hair team. I am a client for life!

Joleen (a client for two years)


Holiday Hair Color Trends

The holiday season is upon us and our salon is buzzing with clients looking to update their looks with the latest fall and winter color trends.  Here’s a sneak peak of what we recommend…

Color blocking, or paneling, is a simple way to apply color to a specific section of the hair in larger panels to create boldness in specific sections of the hair.  It is named after elements of modern art and fashion, where geometric shapes of color are used with sections of more neutral colors.  Color blocking in hair involves adding a contrasting color to just a portion of the hair, such as the under layers or bangs.  This technique has recently been used with brighter, more unnatural colors and leaves hair looking edgy – which is why many people refer to it as “peek-a-boo” color.

Whether your hair is red, blonde, or brown, we’re seeing warmer colors this season.

Strawberry Red

Strawberry reds were hot on the runway at Color Today.

Reds – Red hair shows power and confidence – think Emma Stone! – and the latest red hair trends are shifting to a “copper penny” color.  We’ve noticed the appearance of bolder true reds and bright red violet shades this fall/winter.  Also, a lot of darker redheads are shifting to a lighter and softer red that is closer to a strawberry blonde.  With reds, finding the right shade for your skin tone is very important. If you are hesitant to go too bold, try a nutmeg-type color.


Blonde model

Darker blondes are making a comeback this season. This blonde model was at the Color Today show.

Blondes – The latest blondes are staying either pale and bright (think Gwen Stefani) or are getting darker and warmer.  Also making its way to the top of the charts is “brond,” which is halfway between blonde and brown.  Many of the colors you see on celebrities now have some sort of base color to add warmth to the hair and to soften their natural non-highlighted color.  No matter what technique is used, most celebrity hair colors have a deeper base and lighter ends – going along with the trend of the ever-popular ombre.


Rich Red

Bright red violets made an appearance this winter.

Brunettes– Copper and red violet tones also are appearing more on brunettes.  If the sun lightened your tresses this summer, add darker hues and shine to update your look.  You can’t go wrong if you go with delicious warm colors, such as chocolate, caramel and mocha.


Whichever color or method you choose, it is important to use the right products to maintain your new look.  We carry Aveda’s line of Color Conserve products that help preserve and protect your color-treated hair so the hue lasts longer.

Our colorists at Rick Mosley Hair are ready to make you look great at your upcoming holiday parties.  Give us a call or stop by today so we can give you the gift of a new look.  Before you arrive, be sure to visit our Rick Mosley Hair Pinterest page and pin your favorite hair photos so you can show us the look you are going for using your mobile phone.  (Click on the “Reds,” “Blondes,” and “Brunettes” links above to go directly to our images for those hair colors.)

Straight from the Runway

The Doves

Christopher and Sonya Dove

Kim Vo
Kim Vo

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi

Brooke from America's Next Top Model
Brooke from America’s Next Top Model

Recently, Rick Mosley Hair colorist Abbey attended “Color Today,” put on by behindthechair.com.  It’s “the” event to attend if you work in the world of hair color and want to stay on top of the hottest looks, which we do!

While there, we ran into many style “celebrities,” including…

  • Kim Vo, who has many celebrity clients and has worked on ABC’s Extreme Makeover, E’s Daily 10 and Bravo’s Shear Genius.  He has a list of celebrity clients and is most well known for being the “official blonder” for the stars.
  • Jason Backe and Jennifer MacDougall from L’Oréal Professionnel and Ted Gibson Salon in NYC.  They also work with many of the women on the Real Housewives of New York.
  • The “Queen of Color,” Beth Minardi from NYC.  She has a long list of celebrity clients, including Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst, and Brad Pitt.  At Rick Mosley we have taken many Minardi classes and model many of our color theory and techniques after Beth’s.

At the event, most of the segments started with a runway show, similar to what you would see at a fashion show – except that the focus was on the hair.  After each show, the presenters came out to explain their work, do live technique demonstrations, and explain the color formulas used.

The hair models were all professional working models as well – all 5’10” and skinny!  We even recognized some of them from America’s Next Top Model, including Mikaela from cycle 16, Laura from cycle 13, and Brooke from cycle 6.  While we are used to seeing Brooke with long brown hair, she was transformed with her hair shaved on one side and long on the other – a trend from the 80’s that has recently reappeared in Hollywood.  (Brooke is in the bottom photo.)

At Rick Mosley Hair, education is our top priority so we’ll be sure to share information from all of the great events we attend and host.  Whether you are walking the runways or the streets of Des Moines, be sure to set up an appointment today if you are looking for a celebrity look.  Our next post will highlight some of the hair coloring trends that we’ve been seeing both on celebrities and at the shows we’ve been attending.