Rick Mosley Hair Team Supports Major’s Army

Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to support Major's Army

Stop by Rick Mosley Hair today to support Major’s Army

At Rick Mosley Hair, we consider our employees and customers part of our family.  When one of our family members is in need, we are proud to step up and help.  Most recently, we heard from former team member Jaci Strube (Levine) who worked here beginning in 2004 when she was a freshman in college.


Jaci married her husband Drew in 2010 and they welcomed their son Major Hudson into the world in July 2014.  Within 24 hours of his birth they knew something was wrong, as their son was having stomach problems and needed to be moved to the NICU.  There they diagnosed him with cystic fibrosis.


Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition that affects the lungs and digestive system.  We all have mucus in our lungs, but Major’s is much thicker.  This makes it easy for germs to get trapped there.  To combat this disease, Major does nebulizer treatments at least twice each day.  He also takes 12-14 pills per day to allow his body to absorb nutrition.


“Jaci is a member of our family,” said Rick Mosley.  “So upon hearing of her son’s situation, we immediately stepped up and asked how we could help.  The support we’ve received from customers and employees so far has been tremendous.  We are fortunate to work in such a caring environment.”


From now through Sept. 20, the salon is hosting a fundraiser to support research to help cure cystic fibrosis through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  We’re selling an Air Control/Phomollient duo for $33 and a Control Force duo for $35.  All proceeds from the sales of these duos will go directly to this important cause.  We’re also collecting cash donations.


Please consider stopping by the salon before Sept. 20 to help support Jaci, Drew and Major.