The Great Bangs Debate

Thick and chunky or short and wispy?
Extreme bangs or fringe?
Blunt cut or asymmetric?


Long and wispy or short and straight, bangs are a quick and easy way to update your look.

We’ve all had them.  At some point, we’ve all loved them.  At other times, we’ve hated them. Get over your bangxiety with tips from the cutting experts at Rick Mosley Hair!

Are you considering adding bangs to update your look for 2013?  We’ve been seeing them pop up recently on many celebrities and on fashion runways.  From chunky bangs (like Beyonce) to blunt fringe (like Liv Tyler), bangs are a great option to quickly update your style and draw attention to your eyes, while serving as a cheap age eraser – much less expensive and less painful than a face lift!

When contemplating adding bangs, you’ll first want to consider the shape of your face.  Start by pulling back all of your hair and taking a good look at your forehead.  Once you’ve determined your face shape, check out our suggestions below.

  • Oval faces can handle nearly any type of bangs.  From long and heavy to short and angled, your possibilities are endless, so be brave!
  • Round faces – prominent cheeks, with equal widths at the forehead and lower face – look best with longer side swept bangs.  Another option is bangs that are a little shorter in the middle or that are wispy and show more forehead, as they make the face appear more oval shaped.  For a fun look, consider having your bangs cut asymmetrically.
  • Square faces also look great with long and wispy “pee-a-boo” bangs that are angled and swept to the side, often covering one eye.
  • On longer faces, a softer, lengthy fringe is typically most flattering.  Longer bangs give the illusion of more facial width by covering much of the forehead with hair.
  • If your forehead is wide and chin is narrow, your face is considered heart shaped. Straight blunt cut bangs help cover the forehead and soften pointed chins. Side swept fringe also can make foreheads look narrower.

You will want to allow for hair shrinkage due to curls, and take cowlicks into account when considering bangs.  And, think about how often you’re willing to get them trimmed to maintain the look.

Whether 2013 is “the year of the bang” or not, we urge you to meet with one of our experts at Rick Mosley hair to discuss your options.  If you decide to go for it, remember they will always grow back (eventually!)

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